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Getting tired of constantly restoring skills.

I don't have a lot of time to do my language each day, so when I do, I hope to make progress. But every day Duo keeps making me play catch up with restoring previous skills. It might be OK with one a day and then keep on my current lesson, but I get 2-4 of them a day and I never feel like I can progress. Maybe the software guys can cut it back to one a day?

March 19, 2020



You don't have to restore cracked skills. You can just ignore them, and they'll stay cracked. You'll never see more than three cracked skills in the same tree.


Or you could just not restore them. Duo is not forcing you, it is just a suggestion.


It is annoying, but I'd just leave them. They don't crack any further in my experience.


It irritates me too. I know I don't HAVE to fix them, but I like seeing all those perfectly completed lessons. That being said, going back to fix them every day is helping me cement the information, but I agree that three a day is too much. I think I'm going to try just doing one review lesson a day and do my best to ignore the visual unpleasantness.

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