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Fluency and Total Time on Duolingo

How do I find out how fluent I am in my language (Spanish), and how much total time I've been on Duolingo?

March 19, 2020



Duolingo can't show you how fluent you are in a language (as it can't give you fluency on its own), but your Duome profile can show how long ago you made your account.


Uh... it takes time to learn languages. It’s not a race, I learn snippets of languages kinda how like people breathe air, but don’t care how fast I’m going.

Sadly my place almost only speaks English, we have at least five or six other languages, but not many people speak them except for Spanish which is spoken widely. Spanish is ok, but it’d be great if we’d speak and learn much more of our native american languages and Haitian Creole. But it’s not a race.


Uh...yes, I'm bilingual already. I know it takes time. I more meant is there a statistic or progress meter like Duolingo used to have until like maybe 2018, which did give you a percentage on your perceived fluency.


In Esperanto, at least, there is a test to take. I think Duo courses are trying to get us up to CEFR A2 or B1. So, I flatter myself that 5/5 on the test is something like CEFR B1.

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