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It frustrates me to no end that in the app version of Duolingo they don't include tips in Welsh, but they do for my other languages. Welsh is easy enough to catch on to grammar, etc, but it's frustrating for me when I'm not able to read tips and therefore lose a life because I messed up on a rule that I didn't even know existed. However, had I gone on my laptop and done it, I could have read the tips. I just think that's a little silly. I totally understand if it's a programming difficulty-- and, seriously, no shade to the developers at all: I think it's a fantastic app and a wonderful way to learn. I'm just frustrated for my own selfish and lazy reasons. And also asking if we can please get tips onto every language in the app?

Also speaking challenges in the app! I've been studying Japanese for almost three months now and have it turned on in settings to allow speaking challenges, but I have never gotten one. Neither for Welsh which I've been doing for almost a month now. Honestly, I didn't get a speaking challenge until today when I was practicing German on my laptop. Could we pretty please get more verbal challenges in the app? Speaking is so crucial in language learning.

Or is this all some sort of "Well, you need Plus in order to have those luxuries" thing? Because I totally understand if that is, but for a cheap person like me who just really loves learning languages, I think that's a bit silly.

March 19, 2020


No, you need to learn a language course made by duolingo team not by a group of volunteers. Like german.


The German from English course (121 skills) is done by contributors/volunteers.

There are future plans that staff/contractors align it with CEFR.

However, German and Italian (from English) are the two exceptions to the rule and additionally provide new "mobile tips", even volunteers were responsible for the tree design.


Quote: you need to learn a language course made by duolingo team

To add the information from AK-nsk, this specifically applies to CEFR courses:

According to the "notes" tips list, this is also true for Chinese/Mandarin as this course seems to be created in 2017 by staff/contractors:

Beta feature (see the blog):

My new English from Portuguese CEFR course (108 skills), which was created by staff/contractors, is missing in this list.

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