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Exposing the flaws in the League system.

The flaws are blatantly obvious. The league system is badly designed and not thought through sensibly. I recently achieved No1 status at Diamond level, the result of an experiment to expose the futility of this farcical ‘competition’. My sincere apologies to my fellow competitors, the genuine ones, but not to those who’s tricks I exposed! You know who you are! The prize is laughable too, so please don’t waste your time or effort. I can only cynically assume that XP is linked to advertising revenue for Duolingo? It is certainly not conducive to productive learning! Topping the Diamond leaderboard should be directly linked to your level of learning. ALL of the leagues should be reconfigured on that premise. Diamond level should equate to a level of learning equivalent to fluency in a language. Each league should be representative of what stage your learning is at. It is also incredibly unfair to have stories available in some languages but not others. For example, I achieved my XP haul by repeating stories in German as well as completing lessons. However there are no stories in Swedish or Italian (the other languages I’m learning). I’m certain this disparity has other examples. This is UNFAIR.

PLEASE fix all of this! Duolingo’s reputation and integrity as a credible learning source is being damaged by this ludicrous competition.

I do not feel buoyed by my achievement, in fact it’s the complete opposite. It’s a hollow victory, but if I deterred or stopped at least one ‘faker’ topping a leaderboard then it was worth it. I can now go back to sensible, slow and steady learning. Take my advice... ignore the Leagues, don’t be concerned about amassing XP and just concentrate on learning the language you are studying. Good luck everyone! Best wishes. Lynn xx

March 20, 2020



Settings > Privacy > Uncheck Make my profile public

Boom. Problem solved. No more leagues, no more cheaters, no more hollowed wins. Pure serenity. . .


Thank you! I’ve only been a Plus member for two weeks as prior to that had only been using the free IOS app which is very basic. I’m slowly finding my way around all the extra features so thanks for the info!


It's not a Plus feature.


That’s good to know. I should clarify... I’d never logged on through desktop before becoming a Plus member, I just used the free app. This option is definitely not available on there. If you click ‘privacy’ it leads you to a page that prompts you to download the app... which you’ve already got! Ludicrous


It took you a long time to come to this conclusion.


Oh and btw ‘HikingHeather’ if you want to know which accounts are doing it I took screenshots of the user names...


You’re wrong actually ‘HikingHeather’. I was blissfully unaware until about a month ago when I decided I wanted to learn German. I hadn’t used my Duo account for a very, very long time until then. Initially I was climbing the leagues because I’d set myself a learning target... then I noticed the unscrupulous accounts. Believe me, it made my blood boil so in order to take them down a peg or two l played them at their own game. Becoming a Plus member opened my eyes to what has been going on (you don’t get access to forums on the free IOS app). If I’d known how widespread it was I wouldn’t have bothered! Believe you me


Becoming a Plus member opened my eyes to what has been going on (you don’t get access to forums on the free IOS app).

Are you saying you're accessing the forums from within the iOS app? I've never heard about that being a thing.


No. I’d never logged on through desktop before becoming a Plus member. I didn’t see any extra facilities on the app, other than unlimited lives, and wanted to see if it was worth continuing the subscription... so I logged on via the web. Hope that helps


So, just to be clear: you'll still have access to the forums if you don't continue your Plus membership. It's a web-only feature, not a Plus feature. Here is a list of all Plus benefits: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004068043-What-is-Duolingo-Plus-

(Note that 'unlimited hearts' and 'unlimited skill test-outs' are only a benefit in the app, since the desktop version doesn't have hearts.)


Thank you for this information! Very helpful and much appreciated.


You've made a small step getting it. Some way to go though.


I genuinely had no idea, having not used my account for a long time and the free IOS app doesn’t give access to forums. I saw these fakers and thought ‘l know exactly what you’re doing’ so my ‘beat the bullies’ instinct kicked in. To beat them, I had to join them which was like selling my soul to the devil...honestly! Joining Plus opened my eyes to how long this had been going on. Genuinely, if I’d known I wouldn’t have bothered!


One does not usually 'expose' things that are already blatantly obvious to everyone involved.


Like I’ve said...repeatedly... I had no idea! Be cynical if you wish, I don’t care. Being naive to the bigger picture isn’t a failing, it’s a lesson. There are people here who are taking the moral high ground when I know they are actively involved in the scam. That, to me, is double standards. At least I have been open and honest. I doubt Duo will ever resolve the problem because it suits their business model. Number of clicks = XP generated = revenue from advertisers.


The flaws are blatantly obvious.

Your words.


Well I don't know how they cheat, but yes I know they cheat. But what I'd suggest is just try to focus on your learning. I know, it can be frustrating with cheaters, and maybe one day that will be fixed, but, until then, you're learning, I'm learning, and the people who learn are the real winners.

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