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  5. "I am wanting glasses."

"I am wanting glasses."

Translation:Tha mi ag iarraidh speuclairean.

March 20, 2020



As I hear this, "iarraidh" seems to be without the "g" sound that I heard in "Nuadh". Does it mean that "dh" sounds differently depending on the word in which it appears?


Slender dh (that is, when it has i or e on either of its sides, eg. idh, idhe, dhe, dhi…), has [ʝ ~ j] sound (similar to English y in yes). The broad dh (when it has a, o, u on its sides) is [ɣ] (the g-like sound but a fricative, not a stop).

And the dh sounds might disappear in some instances (eg. the slender one after /i/, so iarraidh is just /iəRi/ not /iəRij/; or the broad one in a middle of a word, but affecting the vowel before it, eg. radharc /rɤərg/).


THANK YOU I was struggling with the same question.

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