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Thank you Duo! I'm now cured of League Demotion Shame

I never intended to get caught up in this league promotion frenzy. I languished for weeks in Gold, just doing a couple of lessons a day and sometimes a few more when I felt like it.

Then I thought I might make a push up to Sapphire, intending to stay there for at least six months. Then, after an easy lift to Ruby, I was hooked.

A few weeks later, I found myself in Obsidian, knocking out stories and test-outs and thinking that this madness would finish in Diamond, when all I would need to do is stay afloat and not be in the bottom 5 demotion zone. I could relax, surely?

In Diamond, the high fliers were notching up XPs in their thousands. By the end of the week, I was again bashing out stories and exercises to keep out of the demotion zone. At least 700 XPs were required.

I felt compelled to stay in Diamond, but didn't want to devote almost an hour a day to do so.

I stayed in Diamond and hoped that next week's list would not be full of nutters this time.

And this week, I find that they're not quite so XP-hungry but are still pushing steadily. However, I have found my escape route. Duo has raised the stakes. This week, I see that the BOTTOM 15 are going to be demoted! I'm currently number 48 and I do not care. A WHOLE GANG OF US will tumble down at midnight, not just a shame-faced sorry five.

Duo wants us to dance harder and faster. I COULD spend an hour racking up my XPs and stay in but I CHOOSE NOT TO.

Now I allow myself to risk wrong answers and lose XPs.

I'm free and having fun.

March 20, 2020



I can see that the leagues are a neat way to keep you motivated but also that you can become a slave to them, which means they become an end in themselves rather than learning the language properly, which can't be right. It's finding the balance as always.


sometime it works backwards. i have a mission to finish first in the diamond league... of course this weak i wound up with a group of hardworkers and dont want to try and beat them. but i also dont want to get promoted out of the diamond league, so i feel inclined to actually do less. go figure.


Well you can be doing your new lessons INSANELY because of the league, but some people just do the same golden lesson again and again, and that is maybe a language they already knew. So leagues are actually make somebody learning the unproper way.


Honestly,its not that persuasive.This is because of people like me.I just stay in my league or get demoted.This is because some people like me are only focusing on learning the language, not the competition.I feel that the league making should be changed.Because everyone in the same league is not learning the same language which makes it really hard to advance against them for me.Some of them are learning easy languages while some are learning difficult ones.I think we users should have a option to pool in a league with the people learning the same language or pool in with random people.


They may take our ranks, but they'll never take, our FREEEDDDOOOMMM!!!




You should learn Scottish Gaelic. Go William Wallace, AKA Mr. Blue Face Paint!


I got promoted up through the leagues without even knowing what they were or how they worked at first. I think I was in the Obsidian league before I realized how they worked. Then I got promoted to Diamond and then got demoted for "only" getting 800XP that week. The past few weeks I have managed to stay in Diamond and even managed to get high up the leaderboard, but the people above me on the leaderboard were like 3000XP-10000XP above me, there was no way I could ever make top of the leaderboard. This week I have added the add-on for Firefox that blocks me from seeing them. I want to learn languages, not compete with people who are doing the same easy skills over and over for XP. The reason I flew up through the leagues so quickly before was because I had just started and the lessons were easy, now it takes a lot longer to get XP because I'm further down my tree. I definitely recommend the add-on for Firefox or the other ways to block yourself from seeing the leagues! Enjoy your language learning!!! :)


could you give us the name of that add-on please???


Congrats. Leagues can be seductive. And when Duo keeps changing the rules, that just highlights how manipulative it all can be. It's good to just ignore them.


The Demolition zone is a happy zone, though not easy to achieve ;-)


Ciao Linda! I took your advice and started using Busuu and I'm loving it!


I think it would be better if there was less focus on the leagues and more ways of spending Lingots. I think it would be great if they could be spent on other forms of language learning material that complements the traditional Duolingo method.


Hi Christine, Duolingo wants to offer its lessons for free, with ads, or to premium members who pay real money.

If they required lingots to access new and important learning materials, then that material would not be (perhaps one could say) "free" as they wish to advertise.

They still have 2 of the 3 original bonus lessons (idioms, flirting) offered on some of my courses, but after buying what I could for Spanish and French, I haven't bought any more that I could buy. They weren't that great to have to constantly refresh using the old spaced repetition algorithm they used before they added on the crown layers.

I've been giving out lingots to other people instead (over 600 in the last few days, so I think that's a better value for my virtual currency).

So, other than what is still left in the shop, use lingots to help maintain your streak, collect them, or give some away, because the shop has just been changed for some people to offer Bonus Time for real money.

I don't want to see you disappointed that they aren't coming up with more new things for lingots (ever since the weekend amulet, or for some app users, bonus time lingot purchases).

It's easier to realize instead that the company has a duty to its investors to develop its actual profit centers, and I hope you will continue to enjoy this great platform for what it already offers, and thank you very much from a fellow learner for being a Plus member.

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