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  5. "Fichead 's a ceithir."

"Fichead 's a ceithir."


March 20, 2020



The audio is wrong but I do not know if it is technically possible to fix it: 's should sometimes be broad and sometimes slender. Here is is slender but it should be broad.


In the sentence itself or the audio for the word 's? For individual words, we can't provide multiple pronunciations for different words that are spelled the same. That's why the 's sounds 'slender' when it doesn't in the sentence. I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to specifically but I hope that cleared it up a little :)


That aswers my question exactly. Mòran taing.

I understand that this is not a particularly big issue in Gaelic, nor is Gaelic a particularly big fish in Duolingo, so they cannot be bothered to find a workaround, but there are two languages in which these heterophones (words that look the same but sound different) are really important. So important that they have to make a specific point of teaching them in any course. These are English and Chinese. For example they have to specifically explain the difference between tear and tear. But as this is so important in these languages, and because these languages are really big fish for Duolingo, I struggle to believe that Duolingo has not found a solution to this problem.


It's definitely something we have note of (it's a particular issue for us with shorter words such as a and 's), but for the time being, it's not a major priority. I can't speak for what staff can do/have done about it, but no doubt it'll come up again when we add more to the course. I think the way courses get around it at the moment is by disabling the audio for that specific word, but in all honestly I'm reluctant to do that here.

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