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is there any trick to learn Arabic writing?

I have been struggling a lot with the writing of the Arabic words and I cant really understand how the letters are connected to each other. if anyone have a tip to give I would really appreciate it!!!

March 20, 2020



"hover text"

I don't know if this will help.


Sorry, Its not the whole alphabet, I'll try finding one with the whole alphabet.


Hi there, I know how you feel. Once you crack the code, it can be a lot of fun. One suggestion I would make, that helped me, was studying the letters as the beginning, middle, and end of a word. For example, SSS would be سسس . NNN would be ننن . Yyy would be ييي .

Nother tip that helped me was to study a few short words that you already know in your native naluage but use the arabic alphabet. These are not translations but can help to remeber sounds and how to connect.

For example : apple - ابول Coa Cola - كوكا كولا fun - فءن

Remember: Some letters connect to others like ( ن ). Others are always alone, like ( ز ).


Thanks, very helpful your clear explanation!

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