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Special blog post: Parent and teacher guide

How is everyone doing today? As we all adapt to this (hopefully brief) period of isolation, we have been receiving messages of all kinds. People want to connect, people want to keep going, people want help. We are seeing so many wonderful stories of community and humans stepping up share a little bit of warmth from a distance, which is hard.

Whatever we can do, no matter how small, can add up and make a difference. Here is one thing our Community and Learning teams collaborated on that I want to share this week:

Tweet link

Link to guide

Teachers and parents—this is not a solution, but a small contribution. We want to do more, and we are starting somewhere. Share with parents and teachers in your life if you think they will find it helpful. If you have additional resources that might be help, share those too. Talk to you soon!

March 20, 2020



What I don't see anything


I heard about this teacher who facetimed her students and checked up in how they were doing while schools were closed, and I thought that was really neat! She was doing her part on checking up on her students, I mean, she practically treats them as her own kids! she is such a loving teacher. It is also a hard time for many folks who are layed off from work right now, and we also need to remember to be supportive and light hearted on Social Media and on the web about what is going on right now. We need to remember that we are a big community that helps each other out in times of need.

I know sometimes though, it can be very hard to be postitive in these stressful situations, but its important to keep other people from being so depressed about the Virus and isolation and everything, by, maybe giving some one a phone call. ( or gifting more toilet paper :) )

Also, if anyone is interested, I do have some information on some sites that may be useful to people who have some spare time because it is recommended to stay indoors. These awesome educational sites include Nitro Type, Sheperd Software Geography, and of course, Duo Lingo. Nitro type has a special teacher and student site, as well as typing lessons at Typing.Com. Here is more information: These three sites are great sites for those of you who are looking in to doing typing, learning a language, or geography. Nitro type, is a very good typing website, and there is a branch off of Nitro Type called typing.com. They have excellent typing exercises for beginners to learn. Shepherd Software Geography is a free, Geography learning site with detailed practices for you to do to learn about our world's countries and continents. You can practice and memorize geographical regions, and lakes, rivers, countries, and more. It is a very educational site for young and old alike. Nitro type as mentioned above, is free as well. And most of you probably already know all about Duolingo, so I will not get into that, but it is an excellent language learning site for young and old as well. All of these sites as I mentioned are free, and offer a good experience. These sites are great for teachers, parents, and those of you who are just interested in doing these things if you have a little extra time. Check these sites out of you feel that you are interested, and comment below. Thanks and have a great day!

this is funny, though. This post by Vivasourus doesn't have very many comments like some of the other big posts do, but this post sure does have a lot of upvotes for not a lot of comments! :) how is everyone doing?


Another recommended site that teaches typing in various languages is:


I use typing.com and I really recommend it


Here is an old post of mine showing how people could type in Spanish. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36505632


sometimes,you like to some teachers ,and some teacher you dont. i am indian.i had teacher name sujata. she has been married but her husband left her and took his son.she was very sad. so after the school she went on the footpath to see her son


sad. when did you have this teacher, did you like her?


You mean sad, not depression. Depression is a term that can't be just lightly thrown around.


well, I am sorry, but that is your opinion, not mine, and I will choose to keep it there if I please. Thanks!


yeah dont listen to them


I am very independent, and I normally don't listen to people because they just say their opinions and what they think should happen or whatever. I just like to listen to what I think is right, and that should be what everybody does.


First of all, they used "depressed" not "depression". Secondly, "depressed" can just mean a state of general unhappiness, you don't have to be talking about the mental disorder.

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Thank you so much for this vivisaurus, and the many other resources that Duolingo also provides.

To also mention, regarding the great suggestion to

Act out a Duolingo Story.

Also check out the LTS (Learn Through Stories) series.

The link in blue above will take you to an index of them.

There you will find

  • the stories in text, that you could also copy and print
  • a link to a mp3 audio of the story, that you could also choose to download,
  • word lists, that you could develop games from.
  • other resources as well

Also the volunteer team I also work (as a volunteer) with, would like to encourage you to add to these resources.

To ask grammar questions you may have about the text from the stories, to assist others with their questions, and to share grammar knowledge you consider relevant to the stories.
To also share if you have created games or further activities for the story in question.

Our team is continuing to create further resources for other language pairs as well, and we look forward to releasing more of them soon.

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As an aside, when I first read the post above, I was a little confused, as I "clicked' on the blue writing, (that was in your picture) and it did not go anywhere. It was not a link.

This is just a suggestion :
You may like to consider modifying the code of the picture in your post to be :


Edited :
The other way to do it, is to change the size of the picture, so that is obvious it is not "Normal Text" in the picture. To make it more obvious to people, that it is a picture, instead of text with links. (i.e. make the picture smaller.)

And of course, if you do anything to address this issue, please delete this comment here.


Here in Britain a whole system has been put in place from this week for schools - especially secondary. Many schools are streaming and using other means of technology to keep in touch with students. They have also provided a list of providers for the British curriculum on line and helps for parents.

BBC TV/Radio/on-line have fantastic stuff (the joys of a national broadcasting system). Various children's entertainers/actors/communicators have been doing home-gym, music and even parties on-line too. (Even my language class at the uni is using Zoom tonight for a lesson)

That is absolutely brilliant but there are many homes here where there is only one device in the house but several children. Or in a large number of rural areas in Britain there little or no proper signal.

It is difficult for parents, who might also have to work from home to have to educate, without any training, their kids. Not easy.

At least in Britain essential workers and children with statemented learning needs have places at local schools which are open especially for them. Unfortunately, they have been bothered by some parents who basically want a child minding service. However schools are very strict following Government guidelines.

It is a particularly difficult time for British, and other countries in lock-down, pupils and their parents.

Good luck to all who find themsleves in the position of home educating out of the blue.


I am one of those teachers, in the US. It's a huge challenge, for exactly all the reasons here. I'm kind of enjoying the challenge, but my students aren't. I hope I can help them through. Be careful all!


Can you make a videos to make the learning fun and keep up the good work


oh yeah, videos with small cartoons would be cool. I know a german learning YouTube channel that has cool little pictures. it makes it fun!


I'm a student in Australia and I've been studying Chinese since I was five. I really love it, and my teachers are taking care of us all via Microsoft Teams, and I'm incredibly grateful to them for taking care of us all at my school. I hope everyone stays safe, finds right from wrong and keeps doing the amazing things you do.


Thanks! And same to you! 谢谢!


Woah nice streak and impressive amount of languages you're learning!


Thanks, but, vivisaurus has a more impressive streak.

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It is not the size of the streak that matters,
But how your streak has helped you learn.

And it is no measly effort to have a streak of over 100. It is quite a commitment.

Congratulations Silmarillion333

Duo 29


Thank you, daKanga!


Salut toutle mond


i am thinking of using facetime to communicate and rehearse in my band class :)


I have set up dumpling classroom but students cannot access their accounts. They do not havens emaik. Do they access via my email and if they do how do they get in? First assignment is set up for them to begin. Thank you


In this time many people are depressed and we can help them to forget about the situation that is happening by talking to them and being supportive community.


Yeah I agree with you. Today this crisis or apademic brought everyone together.


yeah,you are right


That's great to share!


This learning app is very good


Are the classrooms only for kids...?


hey, thanks for the inspiration. I think now that there's covid, lots of people are on Duolingo. You come out of isolation speaking a language fluently!


Hello what your name


A big thank you to the Duolingo community for being so helpful and for providing everyone with great resources to learn! :) <3


Thank you for creating this blog


bro i know even know you but are you a teacher.?you speack so many differnet lauges i just started


bro you speack so many lauges


i thought it would contain a more in depth tips but it still is nice with what you did


it so nice to use this thing


These are really helpful tips! Thanks!


I AM A HATERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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