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What is the point of having gems on some devices and lingots on others?

On my web browser, Duolingo has lingots, the clearly more creative currency. However, when I switch to my iPhone, they have gems. And it seems there's some conversion rate between them? Just WHY?

March 20, 2020



There are two different virtual currencies and two different teaching methods in Duolingo.


Ok that explains the hears but not the choice of gems over lingots...


A popular workaround to avoid the "Health" feature on your phone or tablet:

Use Duolingo's (mobile)web version on your phone or tablet, because www.duolingo.com ......

  • does not contain the "Health" method

Other good features in www.duolingo.com:

  • you can take part in the sentence discussion forums .
    This is not possible in the iOS app.

  • in the lessons you can switch to "use keyboard" and "use wordbanks".
    This is not possible in the Android app.

  • testing out of individual skills (by using the "key" icon) does not cost any gems or lingots in skill crown level 1-4.
    This is mostly not possible in both the Android app and iOS app.

www.duolingo.com will work in the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone or tablet, when you have rather good Wifi.


There is no point. They could've used either lingots or gems for both systems, but they chose not to. I've never seen it explained anywhere.

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