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COVID-19 and the Duolingo Community

Duolingo has a community that reaches globally, with users all over the world who are learning a language.

During this time period, we'd like to encourage everyone remain informed about the virus by seeking accurate information from your respective health care and national authorities while taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We're all in this together.

I'd also like to thank the moderator daKanga for their helpful thread on the subject posted previously.

What does this mean for topics posted here?

As you may have noticed, there are a variety of topics on the issue; however, this will serve as the centralized discussion.

We encourage users to not engage negatively in other threads on the subject and instead downvote these threads as this prevents clutter and the spread of multiple threads on the topic.

It is key that we remain kind and understanding towards those who are legitimately concerned and post topics on the subject. Stay respectful and simply do the suggestions mentioned above.

Official discussion threads will be posted soon on other general language forums, translated to their respective native languages.

Lastly, we hope that each of every member of our community remains safe.

March 20, 2020



What a difference a day makes. Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care overnight and the country waits hoping for the best and fearing for the worst.

UPDATE 6 April - two momentous events recently, Boris Johnson advised to go to hospital and I went shopping!

Boris appears to be in hospital as a precaution and still working. He has had Brexit, a general election and now COVID19 in the last year - I'm not surprised that his ability to fight off the bug is a bit weak. Let's cross our fingers he will be out soon.

My shopping expedition was enforced when Sainsburys delivery slots for the old and infirm disappeared today. The last two weeks I've chosen my shopping on-line on Sunday and found a slot and paid on Monday 8am - today nothing, nada, nichts. So, with an abbreviated list I braved the local Lidl where all but one younger guy were carefully keeping the 6ft gap. The shelves are reasonably full now except for toilet rolls, which have no place in the virus symptoms anyway.

We appear to be approaching the top of the mountain and the media are baying to be told how the present restrictions are going to be reduced. They are told on a daily basis that no announcement is going to be made until we are sure that we are over the other side. I've lost track as to how many times they have been told "not yet". The ministers and the medical experts are amazingly calm when answering the same question again and again.

But Spring has sprung and the weather is lovely, a pity that we can all only go out for one fitness exercise a day!

UPDATE 31 March - well, we saw some green shoots over the weekend with falling numbers and then were rocked back on our heels today with the deaths up 381 from yesterday. As the previous days had stayed much the same or reduced, this statistically is not as bad as it sounds.

In rural Shropshire, there is little traffic and the few pedestrians out for their permitted exercise are friendly, from a distance. Birdsong is a new delight, drowned out before and we walked down to the Shroppie, a nearby canal usually with regular leisure boats, deserted. Our groceries arrive at the front door, with the delivery man standing away.

Testing the NHS front-line has been slow to get going, apparently due to a shortage of the chemicals needed for the tests. Differences of opinion as to whether there there is enough protective clothing - the logistics of getting the right kit to the right place is mind-boggling. But, more optimistically, big firms are working together to build ventilators and a new exciting innovation developed by scientists working with formula 1 teams is a pressurised oxygen system that may allow patients to avoid ventilators entirely.

My wife and I are self-isolating on advice; we have a daily walk making sure that we keep well clear of others and, as yet, are fit and healthy. Our area has almost no cases identified. Compared to others, we are very lucky.

For those of you old enough to remember Hill Street Blues - Be careful out there


Good post. Also in the UK, and have been self isolating for weeks after being ill, I want to add that anyone looking on from outside should not be fooled by the published numbers of cases and consequent percentages. These are going to be extremely inaccurate because the UK has pursued a policy that has not followed the WHO advice, and has not tried to identify each person with the illness, and track the contacts of each case- so far, (but hopefully this will be changing), there has been a significant lack of testing... My guess is that the number of people with c19 is far far in excess of official figures. So, on the negative side, there are many more people who have had it, but on the plus side, there will be a much higher recovery percentage than the official numbers suggest. Every life matters, and I hope that more will be done to save more lives. But there are some major lifestyle changes happening. Neighbours talking to each other, people doing shopping for people they've never met before. An interesting meeting of selfish stupidity and incredible loving and sharing :)


I also wanted to add that for many people, this period of social distancing has meant more intimacy, more love, more care, more contact, less isolation than normal. There are many who have had more phonecalls, conversations and people asking if they are ok in the last few weeks than they have had for years. Some light can break out of this darkness. Remember each other.


Social distancing allows people to spend more time achieving personal goals and feeling better with their current situation. I myself have started learning Spanish and French much more intensely (on other sites as well) and have meditated more often. I would advise that everyone embraces their free time and reflects to help mental well being. Follow advice, stay at home unless impossible and thank the amazing NHS staff who try so hard to help as many people as possible. Oh, and keep learning!


woozlification, totally agree! One of my church leaders said that right now is the best time to get to know ourselves spiritually, be closer to our families, and gain a deeper connection with God. (Or for anyone else, whoever that God may be, if you have one.) There is no doubt that the community has put aside all differences to combat this, whether it's global, national, or local. Shout out to medical staffs out there, politicians, church leaders, airline workers, and grocery store staff all on the front lines! You rock. This is too long, sorry, but one more thing: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/president-nelson-fast-pray-relief-covid-19 If anyone is interested in making a religious difference, click the link above. (I don't know if I'll get in trouble from Duo for this or if I'm being too annoying with the religion thing- I apologize. But this is important to me...)


I don't think that you would get in trouble for that comment, because you are being very open-minded and respectful of other people. If anything, I think that people should appreciate that you are willing to share about what you are passionate about. Y'all, her attitude is a good example to this Duolingo community. :)

I agree, though, that we need to put aside our differences and stick together. Whatever your beliefs may be- one for all, all for one! And, don't forget to wash your hands!



Well said PiperMeyer! I give you 4 Lingots for your comment because it is friendly and serious, what makes you a sympathetic Person. Kind regards


I'm not religious but you're totally right! It is a greater time to learn more about our families! (:


you are right it is a greater time to learn more about are families


I do not think your comment is offensive, or even disagreeable. It seems heartfelt and that you genuinely care for the Duo community. We all need everything we can get and use in these challenging times. Thank you, Skylar. Lingots to you!!


100% Agreed. Devout Christian here, really hit in just the right sport


@SkylarSQ: You made a very good comment and i totally agree to you aswell. I am thankful that there are such People as you who have laid there trust in the right place and don't intend on cutting People down. Congrats!


Exactly our experience on both counts. We are in a small development - one person was unwell for five days coughing hard with fever, four others had lesser symptoms, we've heard of four families of friends that appear to have; none of these will be on the statistics. The local support has grown at speed and we are talking to our neighbours. The NHS sought 250,000 volunteers and got 405,000 in 24 hours.


I have recently moved to a large building; practically every night I hear a man coughing in one of the flats.


Dorothy799906 Scary for you and worrying for him. Mind you, there are other things going round, and some people do get coughs without it being c 19. Is there anyone who might be able to check on him. to see if he's ok, like a building manager or chairman of the residents' association or something?


Yeah, i got the flu recently. I'm over it now


My dad got sick last February, when he looked back on it, he thought he might have had covid-19, but he didn’t have a fever, which was strange


Not everyone does have a fever though


We should all take a moment to pay tribute to the health workers putting their lives on the line in order to treat COVID-19 patients.


Yes! Finally someone understands. My mother is an STNA and takes care of old people who might have the virus. My mother gets paid so little and she works her butt off and nurses here get paid big money for basically sitting in a chair all day. I understand that they go to college for 4 years to become a nurse and want to have credit to going so long.


8 years buddy. 4 undergrad 4 grad.


It now comes handy that duo taught me "Ciao, infermiera!" in italian course :)


Yes!!! People are risking their lives for our country and we are here arguing whether or not the president is a sleezebag or not.


When the virus started to rise in China, he let all US citizens come back. If you went to Wuhan, mandatory quarantine for 14 days. But, if you were elsewhere, self-quarantine at home. 1.People don't listen sometimes, so they could have spread it around in public places. 2. People at home could have spread it to family members who then went outside and spread the virus. 3. The best choice would've been to quarantine them all for 20 days. 4.We really shouldn't be talking about what should've been done; we should actually talk about what we can do right now.


Aren't you talking about what should have been done? Just curious.


Si! Jaja! el presidenta es un sleezebag!


Sending virtual love to everyone! (From a distance of at least 6 feet of course!!)


People, stop panic buying!


Yes, that is a problem. In my area, there are sometimes shortages. Of toilet paper for example. But, at least here, items in short supply are rationed . Only X number per person. There are still things that run out. But at least, it is impossible for one person to buy all the toilet paper in a store. (Like I heard on the news; it happened somewhere else in the country.)


We are similar. Near DC in US. All the globe is united on this.


I wish, NY is infested because everyone sees to think they're immune. I live in central/upstate NY and it's a real pandemic.


I live in the United Kingdom but follow US politics. I strongly disagree with Trump when it come to his dealings of COVID-19. He says that it is a Democrat hoax to make him look bad. New York needs to be shut down and people need to be educated about the severity of a widespread pandemic. Sure, you will almost certainly be fine, but you will spread it on and another might not be so lucky. I just hope that everyone comes together and does not racially abuse the Chinese. Not helping that Trump dubs this the ‘Chinavirus’.


I understand that many people are very passionate about this subject and for some people it may have had a huge impact on your life, but I think it would be better for all of us to veer away from political topics 'cuz c'mon, we all know that not everybody's gonna agree! No harsh feelings. Just, I don't think Duolingo is a place to 1-criticize authority or 2-spread rumors that may or may not be true. I'm sorry if this comment seems judgmental or bossy to anyone- that's not the goal. Stay healthy!


I agree, but the political leaders have a really big part to play with everything that is happening.


I read an interesting article, which said cv 19 hasn't changed people's political opinions, it's confirmed them, so the pro-government supporters see them as heroes, etc, and their opponents see them as villains and buffoons- they already did, but it's becoming even more extreme- and seemingly in the US as well as the UK. Is that just because we are following the same news sources that we always did?


Well said PiperMeyer. I couldn’t agree more.


No, but it's a duscussion zone, so we discuss things here.


I think this is an opportunity to spread the news so he can see what his subjects are saying and what they think he's doing wrong. Yes, if you talk about COVID-19 you're gonna have to talk about the politics because the way we handle the virus includes how the leadership enforces the law. Please, for the love of all that is holey, wash your hands and stay home. Eat healthily and exercise often. <3


I truly appreciate an outsiders view of the political handling of the pandemic. Thank You, dshah01!


This isn't a place for politics.


this page is to discuss Covid-19, in which politics is inherently involved. if people want to discuss how their governments are handling it they can! just scroll past if you don't like it


COVID-19 won't be solved without politics. In NZ they decided on a lockdown - but to ensure it worked both sides of the house agreed to support employers who had to shutdown and people whose work was continuing but who had to self-isolate. Without that there would be lots of people who would be tempted to work just to survive.

The Politicians also had to make a ruling on what is "essential" and forcibly (if needed) close non-essential businesses (jewelery shops, junk shops, and clothes shops tried to say they were "essential").


However, the reason that we have elected leaders is so that we have people that we chose to handle the politics. What good will it do if we argue here?


I agree 100%. Learning another language does not require politics. Some forums on the internet have become toxic waste zones due to people arguing over politicians and policies.

Stay peaceful, everyone....And wash your hands! They're so filthy I think that your palms have been greased by lobbyists.


But this segment of the discussion is about COVID-19. You are bound to talk about some politics.


Same here, no one in upstate New York is self isolating


I heard that in the Philippines they shoot people that leave their houses. I don't know if it is for an invalid reason or just leaving period.


I heard in Israel, the police track people's phones, and put them back in their houses by force, or not by force. In Italy, covid-19 patients over 80 were left to die. That's what I heard...


I do not know this for sure, but if it does happen-- WOW.


Very true. In the UK people were coming in huge numbers to beaches just because of the weather, some people think they are invincible...


Here in NZ (with low numbers of infection) the biggest infected group is 20-29 year olds. Partly them coming back from overseas, and partly due to parties before they totally clamped down ("please don't gather in big groups" was ignored so Mum grounded the whole country for a month).


We have Very similar statistics in California! Younger adults in their 20s and 30s have the highest rate of infection. A 17 year old died a few days ago. Young people are also at risk, people.


I am just writing this to say I hope everybody stays safe during Covid-19 just wash your hands and stay at least 6 feet away from everybody we will get through this this country has suffered greater challenges.


You posted twice - the first said "this country" and the 2nd "this planet". I understand that the planet is Earth but what country is "this" country?


I am just writing this to say I hope everybody stays safe during Covid-19 just wash your hands and stay at least 6 feet away from everybody we will get through this this planet has suffered greater challenges.


HansShrops, if you are in Shropshire, we were meant to have a holiday for various branches of the family together in Shropshire next week :) but it's postponed till next year now.


It will still be here, we love it


I am learning French and Russian. I am in the healthcare (Netherlands, not in the front line, but it looks like soon i am going there. Too tired after work) and it looks like I am not going to be able to continue my streak as I was doing before. Is there a way to buy something like a weekend pass but longer?

lost my streak at 24 april. Thank you all for giving me lingots. I bought some days from those. Stopped learning russian, it just not felt good after seeing there low numbers. When i had some free hours i watched "La casa de papel" and tried to learn Spanish. I now understand the song "Vamos a la playa" from 2000 better then i did before.


If you have someone you trust, you can give them your password to buy a streak freeze for you everyday.

I will donate lingots if you need them. :)


Now, we know the answer to the question..."What are lingots good for". Well, they're good to help keep up the streak, and the morale of those serving us tirelessly in every nation. Have some from me.

Thank you @Armin488392


Thank you, and everyone who is in health care, making masks at home, working to keep our grocery stores stocked, creating home school packets to send home with students, driving buses to deliver "school lunches" to children who rely on these meals to survive, and everyone else who is helping our lives continue as normally as possible in these trying times.

Folks, if you want to give away lingots, that's great -- but please DON'T CREATE A COMMENT about it. Let's keep this discussion focused and not fill it up with comments that just make it load slowly. Thank you!


Masks protect those around the person wearing the mask.It keeps the wearers spittle in confinement. It will not protect the wearer. Don't believe me? Ask a surgeon.


It's not only about keeping yourself safe, the more important part is trying to keep others safe as well, and if there's even a small chance that face masks help, it's a good idea to do it, so that people with immune problems won't get seriously hurt


Even if the shelves are sold out.


I wish people would stop panic buying. By the way I have noticed a lot more food waste as people buy more and more. I don’t have a face mask and instead stay at home (as is the advice in the UK) However I do live in a very rural area so am not in close proximity to many people. If I lived in a city or went shopping though I would make an effort to wear a mask.


I agree. When me and my mother went to the store, the whole toilet paper aisle was EMPTY. Like, nothing was there. The shelves were so empty, they had to change their 24 hours and close at midnight to restock. In another town, at the dollar general, they got to the point where they did not even stock the shelves of tp they left it beside the walkway to just grab.


what will happen if people decide they don't need all that food what will happen to it then


That is true, but protecting others is worth doing.


Masks can be a reminder not to touch your face.


Though staying at least a few metres from someone will definitely help the most. Even without a mask, droplets will rarely travel further than two metres. Frequently washing your hands with soap and hot water for 20+ seconds is definitely a good idea. Anyway, try to stay at home if possible. This will also crucially protect medical staff who have little choice but to go to work.


Metres in English, Meters in American-English. It's not that difficult, Zara...


Micro-droplets and transmission of COVID-19 experiment by NHK:

00:28:35 - 00:35:14


The water doesn’t have to be hot.


but it makes you touch your face XD but i have nothing against you


I wear a mask to remind me NOT to touch my face every time I touch my face. It works! So, it does protect this wearer!


Transmission Based Precautions Literature Review: Surgical Masks by HPS:


Folks are also panicking and buying out all the groceries. People who are out of supplies cannot buy anything because of people panicking, which is why people need to stop this.


They still have toilet paper in South Korea...



Respect to all health care servers in these hard times! Have you tried to reduce your daily XP to the bare minimum? So you only have to do 1 lesson a day, and then ask someone to help you repeat (practice) the easiest one, and alternate that with streak freeze and the few days you can actually do at least one lesson? So you don't run our of lingots?

In any case, hope you don't feel discouraged if you have to lose it at some point, the most important is that you continue where you left when you have the chance and meanwhile take care of yourself, stay safe!

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something like a weekend pass but longer

(There is no such thing.)


Weekend Amulet + Streak Freeze + Monthy Streak Repair (Availiable from Duolingo Plus) = 3 days of inactivity (I think, not certain, please correct me if I'm wrong)


Weekend Amulet(2 days[Saturday and Sunday only])+ Monthly Streak Repair(1 Day)+ Streak Freeze.


Just the amulet plus the freeze will last you three days (as long as you start on a Saturday).


i think it is 4? Because due to the weekend amulet you get sat and sunday inactivity + streak freeze = 1D inactivity + monthly streak repair = 4 days inactivity in total?


Good work. I think healthcare professionals are doing a superb job. Don’t stress about your streak too much. Anyway you can have another lingot.


there go all my lingots. don't thank me, thank yourself for putting yourself on the line for others. god bless.


PRO TIP: If you're going to delete your account, donate all your lingots.


Given the extraordinary circumstances, could Duolingo change the system to give indefinite streak freezes temporarily:

  • then if you got ill, you would maintain your current streak until you were well enough to start learning again.
  • or if you were a front-line worker in the health or another area, you could drop into Duo as and when you weren't working or dead tired.


What this crisis has taught me is that, regardless of country, culture, language, etc. we as humanity are ALL the same. Sure, it covers both good and bad...but man, I could've never imagined how similar we are to each other. Same reactions, same situations....it's crazy to think of.

To all people around the world, stay safe and strong.


Some words that comfort me with this situation are these words from the hymn "I Know who Holds Tomorrow" and also Psalm 91.

"I don't know about tomorrow I just live from day to day I don't borrow from the sunshine For it's skies may turn to gray

I don't worry o'er the future For I know what Jesus said And today I'll walk beside Him For He knows what lies ahead

Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand But I know who holds tomorrow And I know who holds my hand"

We don't know what lies ahead. One line in the song is "for he knows what lies ahead."

Some comforting words from Psalm 91:

"Psalms 91: 1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. 3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. 4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. 7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. 8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. 9 Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; 10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. 11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. 12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. 13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet."


Thank you. Finally there is a voice crying in the wilderness. If we are talking about a virus which has nothing whatsoever to do with learning a language,then we should speak of The Lord Our God. Without hesitation. Por favor, Como se dice, God is mighty en espanol


God is mighty = Dios es poderoso. Very encouraging in these unsettling times.


Yup. Sometimes its hard to believe but God IS in control.


Thanks those people who downvoted, don't let them discourage you in spreading the Word. Good job!


In these hard times, we can all look to The Lord. If we are faithful unto him, he will help us and protect us in these hard times. God bless you all.


It is appreciated if people would not share medical advice on Duolingo discussions. ,

Our forums are for language learning issues and appropriate Duolingo related issues.

For advice and impacts on your local community of COVID-19, please refer to statements from your local governing bodies, your healthcare provider, your national public health authority or your employer for accurate information on COVID-19.

Additional advice can be sought through https://www.who.int , which is also available in several languages.

Keep safe all of you. For the sake of your own health, for the sake of the people you care most about in your life, for us as a community, and a global community.



Thanks Kevin.

As a pediatrician, I am trying to offer parents meaningful activities for their kids. One suggestion on my list was Duolingo for kids!


I live in Italy, Southern Italy to be exact (don't ask me where please) and it's crazy here. All schools and everything is closed besides essential bussiness. We are only allowed outside to go to our local stores or to walk our dog (s). People are getting fines for being outside and loud speakers shout out in Italian while driving around to stay inside, wash you hands, self isolate. Everything is being cancelled including concerts and flights and my birthday has been ruined (I had a birthday trip to Lithuania and Latvia planned but it was scrapped) and I can't go out anywhere to eat. Packages are getting delayed too, and most people here are getting too antsy. Hopsitals are full and also don't have room to help anyone else and are not equiped well to stop the spread, cases keep rising Up and the whole country is on lock down.

Please stay safe everyone, weither in Italy, China, U.S., or anywhere around the world, we are with you. Hope for us as we would hope for you. Wash your hands, stay inside, self isolate. We can do this, we can stop the virus. We are stronger than Covid, we are stronger than a virus.


Stay safe and healthy. I've seen some good videos of people in quarantine singing and playing instruments there.

The Italians Making Music on Balconies Under Coronavirus Quarantine | The New Yorker

While locked down under national quarantine, neighbors across Italy played music together on their balconies and found connection in their improvised concerts amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.


@yetanothername thank you for your kindness!!

I saw those videos and loved them. As a musican myself I was touched and moved by it all.


Stay safe there. The news here reports about Italy all day long and we watch in horror and with a heavy heart. We're on lockdown trying to prevent what you are going through from happening here. I hope things start to calm down soon where you are.


@emerald thank you so much!!


I really hope you and your family stay safe, take care and lets us all be responsible and do what we have to do to help end this soon! We depend so much on each other now, and it's in our hands how quickly we can get rid of this virus. All the best!


@edel thank you!!


It is similar to that in Germany now as well, though a bit less extreme. We also have police and fire trucks driving through the streets talking on loudspeakers telling everyone to stay inside. But you can't be fined for going for walks and to the store and stuff, as long as you are on your own! Hope you are well and staying safe.


Thanks sm!! Epew.


It ruined my trip from the US to Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean! But we'll stay well and we can do our trips later!


Have fun on your trip when ever it does happen!!

I hear it's beautiful there is that true!?


Thank you, that is very thoughtful. I hope your family (and you) stay safe during all of this. Here have a lingot!
(this is for thatonebeckfan)


@tinypotato thank you sm!!


Thank you Kevin and Duolingo.


Covid posts in other languages

Please also, consider up voting these posts so they can be easier to be seen by the other communities, if you would like.


I joined Duolingo yesterday. I am an old-timer, pretty much isolated at home due to the virus. Learning these languages is a way for me to be focused on something positive.


Welcome, this is a very productive way to "kill" some time. ;)


Thank you, Edelweisszh ! I appreciate your welcome to me. I have been feeling very down in recent days.


Oh my. Killing time, indeed. Can we measure it in seconds because I've killed 60 times more seconds than I've killed minutes.



Thank you, Kevin. This is very helpful information.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


I hope this all plows over soon.


It's my first day of quarantine. I don't know how long I can keep up my streak as my grandmother has the virus and I stress out. :(


I'm so sorry about your grandma.


Keep strong for your grandma and for yourself! Take care, follow all the protocols to avoid getting infected as well, don't worry about your streak practice whenever you can, your health is a priority now. Fast recovery to your grandma and best wishes for you.


Hopefully she gets better soon.

For me and my family no one has it but we have been in quarantine for weeks now and it sucks being stuck inside all day with not much to do besides sleep.


You could watch movies, use social media to interact with family and friends, learn something new online, listen to music, read a book, do some Duo lessons, exercise at home, listen to some podcasts, practice any indoors hobbies if you have one, like cooking, painting, writing, playing guitar...etc. There's a whole world of possibilities, you just need to be a bit creative.


i´ve read some news about asians being victims of racism because of Covid-19. Can anybody explain me why?


Well since it started in China some misinformed individuals are using that fact to express hate toward all asians. It's really silly and 99.9% of people can obviously tell how stupid that is.


This is unfortunately especially common in the United States. Even before all restaurants were ordered to close (except for takeaway) due to the virus, many Chinese restaurants here have lost a lot of business because the Chinese are being unfairly blamed as being the origin of the virus. I've read reports of many Chinese restaurants that were previously doing very well, but soon may be forced to close due to lack of customers. It doesn't help matters that certain U.S. politicians (who shall here remain nameless) have started to sometimes refer to it as "the Chinese virus." As if that weren't bad enough, Thai establishments have been suffering in my area too, as some people perceive them as being "close enough" to Chinese. Ignorance and misinformation are truly one of our biggest enemies (and weaknesses) in this global battle against the virus.


The virus did come from China. However, American Chinese people are not to blame for it.


And don't blame China either - they lost many people and their economy took a big hit.


@CrystalGob3 - lying? I knew about the virus in December. Start of January our major businesses were planning changes that would be needed. Why didn't your government? Why did they dis-establish the department that was meant to plan for things like pandemics?

And no, China did not make the virus "worse". They shared information very early. DNA tracing takes it back to bats. Maybe it should be called "Bat virus".


@woozlification - "People are angry with China because our media sources suggest that a lack of transparency seems to have led to it spreading when it could have been stopped"

Could the problem be the media rather than China? I'm plugged into limited news sources but was aware there was a problem in December. Until very recently the UK government seemed to think herd immunity was a realistic option.

Frankly people and media talking down the problem or spreading misinformation like "it is only a problem for old people" should be ashamed. We all had plenty of time - but many countries did not act - or the government tried but the people ignored them. Now it is so much harder and so many people have died.


The media here has made 3 points about the virus that have got people angry with China.

These are- I'm not saying this is the truth, but this is what is presented to us, and hence what people are angry about:

Firstly, we read that authorities attempted to stop the truth- the hushing of the late Dr. Li Wenliang. Had he been given freedom of speech, the spread might have been stopped. This raises the problem many in other countries have with how they feel China deals with freedom of speech.

Secondly, we are told that this is not the first coronavirus to originate from a source like this. That tells us that lessons were not learned and that if they had been this could have been avoided.

Thirdly, it raises the question of the sale and conditions of wild animals- there is already a lot of feeling about the appetite within the country for wild animals both in food and medicine- it includes concerns over trafficking of endangered species, and depiction in the media of how animals that capture public attention, like dogs, are treated.

If these things are true, then anger is normal. Who wouldn't be unhappy if they felt this could have been avoided? China is not alone in any of those points, and we would all be wise to look at life in our own countries, too.

But if it's true, then it's reasonable to be angry and to want change.

Let's not forget the many Chinese who are grieving their lost loved ones, and will be deeply unhappy with how this has been handled.

Let's also keep in mind the many Chinese doctors, nurses, etc, who are working to save people around the world- and the advice and help given out by Chinese healthcare experts to other countries.

We may dislike the way a government does things, but that is NOT a reason for racism- ever.


This virus came from China, so it's typically not racist to call it the Chinese Virus. But you are right, let's drop the politics and help each other shove away this virus.


@woozlification and @judit both are correct, the media has played a part in creating this idea that the virus wouldn't be so bad and that China is solely to blame for the outbreak. Governments, including the US and UK and places like Italy that did not prepare or denied the severity of it, are being hit harder, while countries like Germany have been able to keep the death rate extremely low as they put many preventive measures in place before the virus got there. People are angry about the live food market etc, and rightfully so, but it's not an excuse to blame China for other countries inadequate preparations when they knew it was coming.

@crystalgob, you should maybe do some more research and reading because you seem a bit misinformed about the US's government and their role/preparation in the pandemic.


I call it the "Wuhan Coronavirus" or "The Corona". It's not racist; It first appeared in Wuhan province China and people were being dragged out of apartments by dudes in HazMat suits - creepy and Orwellian. The Chinese people are as much victims to the Chinese Communist Party (just like Hong Kong in 2019-2020). as the rest of us.

The Chinese Communist Party lied (by omission).

The World Health Organization denied.

Economies fried.

People died. It's a horrible situation no matter who you are!


That's kind of sad...


Kind of sad?? How about really sad.


Stay safe everyone


Okay, awesome, thanks for posting Kevin.


I truly and deeply hope that everyone stays safe and we can get through this with minimal deaths. However, I cry for those we will lose across our planet, and my heart bleeds for those who already paid the price. Just remember, social distancing and sanitizing is very important for you, and for everyone. Bless You All !!


It would probably be helpful if Duolingo pulled back with promoting duo events for a while. After all, the point is to discourage people from going out and meeting in groups.


To note, this is being acted on, and well before this date in time.

Thanks for sharing you concern about this issue.

From what I have seen of Duolingo Events, this is the situation.

Bearing in mind, this is only In My Opinion (IMO), based on what I have observed.

Not an official statement from Duoingo.

edited :


And thanks to communities and platforms like this one, providing constructive entertainment, development and support!


As I read the Worldwide statistics on how much this virus/disease has spread, it is my deepest hope that MANY will remain optimistic in these times of trial. We will get through this as long as we know we have each other and we are not alone! :) I'm GRATEFUL for Duolingo and Memrise for the fact that they have these language learning platforms that unite us not only with languages but, in times like these when we all need a "voice" of hope and optimism! :) I count my blessings. I'm staying isolated with the exception of picking up meds and seeing doctors, going for groceries. I have my "private" guitar lessons twice a week and that helps "stave off" being in my thoughts so much. :) I also will have the italki.com one on one to look forward to as this will help me be able to learn and share without worry of coming in contact of the covid-19 disease. :) Thank you everyone for your uplifting and inspiring posts during this time and for moderators that help with keeping everyone's spirits up! :) There is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to hang in there. :) I'm praying for all of you and you are all in my thoughts as we fight this virus together! :) Stay well everyone and follow the "guidelines" and "shelter in place" rules put out by your country/state. For those that lost someone, my heart goes out to you and I pray you will find love in this and the community in which you live! :) God go with all of you! :) Peace, Love and Light Always! :)


Thats so kind!! Have a lingot!


I hope this whole thing goes away. Hopefully, when it does, I hope everyone is safe alongside there loved ones. Stay safe everyone, and take this seriously! :)


Scribd also offering 30 days free subscription. Read, listen as much as you can. https://www.scribd.com/g/8bxz99 (if you don't have card, there is a option too)


the covid 19 scares me and my parents want me to stay home.


Keep track of what the local measures are around you and follow them. If you take appropriate precautions that are put in place in your area, then you can take comfort in the fact that you are doing everything you can to take care of yourself and everyone around you. If we respond correctly, we have much less to fear. If we slow the spread, then every patient can have access to good medical care, and we'll have a lot less death. So, your parents are doing the right thing! Good for them! There is no need to live in fear as long as we're all being responsible.


There is both a lot of bad medical advice on this thread as well as several wildly irresponsible people telling others just to ignore it. This thread should be locked, and the misleading/malign comments removed by moderators. Allowing proliferation of bad advice is at best irresponsible and at worst dangerous.


Gracias, mi online familia. Estudia!


While this crisis may seem to hamper our efforts to talk to others in our target language, it actually provides a unique opportunity. Learning a language is not only a way to get a better job or to have something to do, it is also a way to learn about different cultures and ethincities. (Sorry if I didn't spell this right.) A good idea to do while you are stuck at home is to research the country where your target language is from and see how COVID-19 is affecting them. You can find ways to utilize this information (translate a paragraph into native language or target language, video, video chat, etc.) Just be creative. There is a silver lining to every cloud. My thoughts and prayers to all who are affected. Duolingo Community, let's keep going strong!


Stay safe everyone :)


The only reason i'm using duolingo is to stop myself from being bored all while learning useful things (such as a language).


So i know covid or corona virus is mass spreading in my eyes its very scary, because there even shutting down schools in my eyes the only socialization with other people besides my family is walking my dogs and in the duo forum.

But my real point is since schools are being mass shut down i wanted to know from duo and other users do you think duo will have an increase in users since this would be a safe way schools could have a way to teach different languages.

Anyone else think this could be a possibility?


There is nothing wrong with using Duolingo to learn languages; I think it is great. School works for some more than for others, and education is not just about learning. The current situation is most unusual.


maxawesome2 I'm sure there will be a huge number of new users, or old ones returning to it- and for some people it will be a social lifeline.


Khan Academy is offering many, many classes online. You could use it while the schools are closed, if they are. www.khanacademy.org


Hi from Canada. I have not been on Duolingo for about 6 months. With the COVID-19 crisis. I got more time at home now. Isaac Newton did some of his best scientific work when the plague in 1665 kept people at home. Noted explorer David Thompson learned astronomy as a young fellow when he was recovering from a broken tibia. So I guess I can pick up where I left off and improve my language skills. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane everybody.


Nice post, PortugalCove !


Who here is a front line worker??? If you are, thank you.


Please let her know that she is very appreciated.


Way to stay positive.


The specific state and county I am in has 35 cases of Corona and school has been closed indefinitely. I have been using Duo on and off for a few years but now I am trying to maintain a streak. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do at home to keep up with school and Duo?


My school is out for the next 2 weeks (this week was March break) and i'm just reading through my textbooks and looking over past tests. Make sure you don't gloss over any announcements your school/teachers might make and keep an eye out for announcements from your school board. For Duo I put it on the "intense" where its 20 mins a day since I have so much time now. If you can definitely try to look for some websites like IXL or Khan Academy to keep stuff fresh/learn new things. If all else fails you can always try looking for a new online course for something else. For ex. i'm currently taking a physics course online (its not offered by my school though so i dont get a credit, but it's still good to keep your brain sharp i guess. Sorry if this is super duper long... I wish you luck


emmal 276286, there are indeed many online courses out there.


Speaking of Khan Academy ... there are a variety of lessons in a variety of languages there - I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a place to practice a new language. :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


That's a genius idea. I have my son use Khan Academy all the time. It never occurred to me to watch lessons in other languages with him!


School Online for me.But we don't know how long we will be on Online School.I am in grade 10.What grade are you in and what is your favorite subject?Anyone else doing Online School?


I'm using both IXL and Khan Academy! I also do my school at home, or just to ease it down, i'm homeschooled using k12


The Duolingo site was down for me earlier this morning... I can't imagine how busy it's going to be over the next few weeks.


Well, it's good that staying at home encourages people to spend more time with their hobbies such as learning languages on Duolingo.


Thanks to Duolingo for giving us something constructive to do to fill our day and make this crisis a little more tolerable.


Did you know my grandparents are trapped in Shanghai? I feel bad for them . They have been in their little apartment for months now without getting out.


I feel sorry for you :’(


A number of publishing houses in Spain are offering digital free books in spanish, check the link. Let me know if doesn't open. I guess all their books are going to be using the pronoun "vosotros"...



I am a healthcare worker in a hard-hit area. Like many other essential workers in many professions all around the world, I am working double-time or more, and I need to take a break from Duolingo for a little while. Other people are dealing with other harrowing circumstances and need to take time off as well. I've really enjoyed the streaks and leagues - what a fun and motivating game! - and wish there was some way for me to pause my progress, and jump back into the same streak and league when I return. I'm not the first to suggest this. It's disappointing that a globally-minded company like Duolingo seems uninterested in helping us with this simple request. It is even more disheartening to see posts replying to pleas like mine with a sentiment like "try earning it rather than asking for it." We are not asking for someone to learn a language for us, we're just asking for a pause button on our progress in this game while we do more important things. Duolingo company and community, please show your support for the countless people around the world who are risking their lives to keep the world going, in the ways that you can. Donate money and/or supplies where they are needed most, and offer all members an indefinite freeze on the progress they've earned.


After doing nothing but creating online content for my students, I decided that I need to do something fun - so I signed up to learn Norwegian... this is so much more addictive than computer games while something useful comes out of it - I love it... As soon as the semester is over I will add Spanish and French... All stay safe please!


Hi, everyone, I know a lot of you are bored but there are still some things you can do so I decided to make a list for all the bored people out there. And if you would like to see the post that I did Language related things to do while stuck at home then go here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38499851 any way hear is my list:

  1. read a book

  2. go in your back yard and look/draw the flowers

  3. clean you room

  4. draw a pic of something random

  5. colour a pic

  6. organize your art supplies

  7. go for a walk

  8. wash the dishes

  9. watch a movie

  10. wright a story

hope you find something you like on my list!


Thanks so much. We all hope you guys remain safe too.


Thanks Kevin. And stay safe everybody!


Thank you so much. This link is great.


不管你们是来自哪里的请注意不要去人多的地方以防止群体传染,乖乖呆在家里就是最好的预防COVID-19的方法 武汉加油!中国加油!世界加油!!!


No matter where you come from, please don't go to places with many people to prevent group infection. Staying at home is the best way to prevent covid-19. Come on, Wuhan! Go China! World come on!!!


Thank you for your post. It says exactly what we all should be doing.


No importa de dónde provengan, por favor, no vayan a lugares multitudinarios para evitar la infección grupal, quedarse en casa es la mejor manera de prevenir el Covic - 19.¡China!¡Hala el mundo!


независимо от того, откуда вы родом, обратите внимание на то, чтобы не ехать в много людей, чтобы предотвратить групповую передачу инфекции, милочка, оставайтесь дома, это лучший способ профилактики ВИЧ - инфекции.  китай, давай.  мир, давай! 


That one was a funny translation! :-D


Peu importe d 'où vous venez, s' il vous plaît n' allez pas dans un endroit où il y a beaucoup de gens pour prévenir la transmission de la population, rester à la maison est le meilleur moyen de prévenir covid - 19, Wuhan!Allez!Le monde


Egal woher Sie kommen, gehen Sie bitte nicht zu Orten mit vielen Menschen, um Gruppeninfektionen zu verhindern. Zu Hause zu bleiben is t der beste Weg, um covid-19 zu verhindern.Los China!Die Welt kommt!


Los China! Die Welt kommt!

Not quite accurate, but I'm not sure what the correct translations would be. :) My best guess: Los geht's, China! Weiter! (Let's go, China! Onward!)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


good job!and reward you 30 lingots!


also bbc bitesize is a great way to keep learning as of school closere


Everyone's quarantined so that means more time to go on Duolingo and keeping up streaks.


Stay safe, wash your hands, and chillax during this pandemic! For more info, press the link! https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1 WHO (World Health Organization) is very trustable unlike social media!


How did you post a link on your comment?


Oh, you select the link, press copy, go to the Duolingo Forum you want to post it, tap (or double tap) the comment box, and then you press paste. All done :)))))


If anything, I think we'll see some fierce competition on those leaderboards as more peeps are online, keeping connected while self-isolated and learning in the process. We may just find ourselves redefining what community means if we can learn and have fun albeit in a slightly distant way. I was planning to get to St Petersburg & Moscow sometime this year but that's probably not going to happen. Still not going to stop me from learning (and remembering) привет и спасибо...


Hey guys, just remember to stay safe!! Practice social distancing when possible and dont forget to wash your hands!!


yes! and drink lots of fluids if you get it!


let's just hope they don't


People don't want the virus, but they all go out and crowd into grocery stores to buy out everything. Crowding means spreading of germs.


I think others have posted about this already, so sorry if this is the wrong thread to be posting in. Many Duolinguists would probably appreciate being able to "purchase" any number of days of streak freeze in advance (not just one day at a time) to be prepared for long-term emergencies including, but not limited to, hospitalization with Covid-19 or quarantines in places without internet access.


That seems a perfectly reasonable response, under the circumstances. (I have to check what a day's streak freeze costs.) Have a day in hand!


Here is Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann on the topic of coronavirus. A little bit of laughter can help us deal with bad situations.



STAY INDOORS do great on Duolingo, learn a new things, make new friends online. Take precautions and stay safe. Let's make this community a better place.


Thank you for the information,Duolingo team stay safe.


I know you might be doing other things but for P.E on YouTube there is a guy called Joe Wicks and he does great workouts every day from 9am UK time it is family friendly as well! Stay healthy everyone and stay positive!


Hope everyone is staying safe and being responsible :)


Hope everyone is okay.We are all togetehr!!


I really hope everybody stays safe, everybody here, and everybody everywhere. My school has closed down for 2 weeks, then it became 4. I believe that school might be shut down for the rest of the years, but i will keep fighting!


Thank you for proving people wrong that children only play on their phones. Fighting!


For those who have to stay at home (a lot) its a great opportunity for learning lots! stay safe everyone!!!


So many schools are closing down but not mine. I'm home schooled and I think we should encourage other to be home schooled as well. Also i saw that Atervanda had a link to this great listening practice, just wanna share with you guys. It's really awesome.https://stories.audible.com/discovery.




I'm homeschooled too!!! :)






I would just like to say to yall is stay safe and please stay inside if your government has advised you and remember social distancing hope yall are safe and well :)


Coronavirus has healed our planet a little bit because everyone is home and no one is littering so our trees and oceans are doing better than normal. The bad thing about Covid is that people are dying and losing their jobs so the economy is collapsing.

Thank you to all nurses, doctors, first responders, and everyone that is out there helping others and for doing your best and working hard to keep everyone safe, may God bless you!!

We will get through this, we have before and we will do it again.


thanks stay safe at home


Thank you Kevin!.


Thank you for letting us know, Kevin!


Thank you very much!


Thanks for this post!! Please everyone look after your self and your loved ones!! Stay safe!!


thank you for the info <3


Thanks for notifying, I will be aware of the problems and stay away from them. Keep learning and stay safe. Thank you.


I wish health and joy for you all. Les deseo a todos salud y alegría.


At this time of rapid change and significant impacts on communities all around the world, I would also like to encourage people to consider taking on the practice of asking :

R U OK (Are You Ok?)

This is a program also popular in Australia, for reasons other than this event, this long event. However it is right on target for what we are experiencing now.

And I would like to encourage people to try this out, on the people you are communicating with.

Also to consider making sure you are caring for yourself.

So :

R U OK ?


Dear daKanga, this would make a handy and relevant story for the Duo stories that could work from a very simple to a highly complex level. The characters check on each other by various means- phoning, email, yelling, I don't know, and do some shopping or something for each other.


i hate school but duolingo helps me learn the fun way


I know right! Have a lingot!


If anyone has ever wanted to try out Rosetta Stone, they're offering their program free for students for the next three months. Just another resource to try out if you're stuck at home and passionate about learning languages.


If im being honest everyone at my school thinks im a genius at french but its only because duolingo its really gotten my french marks up:)


I like how Boris Johnson is the first world leader to have COVID-19 and half the parliament has COVID-19. Remember guys to stay safe and stay home. And remember the sooner we get out of this, the sooner we can use our newly learnt languages in the real world.


How you can help. Make protective masks. Just google surgical or protective masks.

Be sure to read/listen to all the precautions. DO NOT GET A FALSE SENSE OF PROTECTION.

I got the idea from here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/31/opinion/coronavirus-n95-mask.html

This one seems full. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fySsaOojEVM



Most home-made masks and dust masks etc give no protection. They help a little bit in reducing how far droplets are spread by infected people coughing or sneezing. I watched what medical people do when interacting with COVID patients - hair and feet are covered as is the whole body, a well fitting high level mask, then a full face shield covering the face, eyes, and mask.

Best advice is to stay at home and wash your hands whenever you interact with the world outside your bubble.


California is now suggesting people use cloth face coverings.

Here is the guidance.


"There is limited evidence to suggest that use of cloth face coverings by the public during a pandemic could help reduce disease transmission. Their primary role is to reduce the release of infectious particles into the air when someone speaks, coughs, or sneezes, including someone who has COVID-19 but feels well."

Also, in part of Texas they now have fines for no face covering.

"Laredo will be requiring every resident older than 5 years old to wear some sort of mask when going out in public. That includes when going to the store or even pumping gas.

This comes as the U.S. Surgeon General changed its tone after learning there's a good amount of asymptomatic spread of the virus. They're now asking the CDC to discuss whether or not people should be wearing the masks to help prevent the spread.

If people are caught not covering their nose and mouth, they face a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 in Laredo."



My experience has shown that those with filters are as safe as the ones you get at the pharmacy which are hard to come by. By making your own you leave the better ones for the medical professionals.

And of course, maintain all other precautions ..stay home, wash your hand for 20 sec.....


My Mom makes masks(she's a seamstress)and she makes them with pockets in them to slide in a filter...... you can rewash them and bleach them........look her up if you need things mended, fitted, or made.... look her up on google maps only if you don't live to far from the Texas Panhandle and are within driving distance .....she's called Ms. Andrea's Fashions......


It depends on what material the mask is made of. In general, if the fabric is not see through in bright light, it is pretty good at deflecting the virus from getting to your lungs; however, if it is very see through, it will do practically nothing. You better off not wearing nothing. Quilting materials are pretty good for homemade masks. But yes, stay home as much as possible. This might help with global warming too (I might regret that later).


Many cheap and home-made masks allow air to come in and out on the sides. This means you have little protection. Once the fabric is wet - less protection - if anything it pulls the virus in and is sitting there on the outside for your hands when you fiddle with it.

These masks are not for the protection of the wearer - rather they limit the spread of droplets by an infected wearer. Do not risk your life with these masks - and if you are sick - stay home.


You are completely correct. Homemade masks do more to protect people from the wearer than they do to protect the wearer from people.

But that is really important! Since people can spread the virus before they know they're infected, keeping our own droplets out of the air could save lives.

Here is CDC guidance on how to make and wear homemade face masks. They have three templates (two with no sewing!) are very easy to make. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html

We all have an obligation to do our part to protect others.


Not sure if any of you have seen already, but here is an interactive map from Johns Hopkins which they update every few hours. You can click on each country (or each state in the US) and see how many cases, how many deaths, and how many recoveries! https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6


I'm sick of COVID-19!!!!!!!!!!!


Are y'all joking?!


I just hope everyone stays home, stays safe, and helps stop the spread of COVID-19

J'espère juste que tout le monde reste à la maison, reste en sécurité et aide à stopper la propagation de COVID-19

Solo espero que todos se queden en casa, se mantengan seguros y ayuden a detener la propagación de COVID-19

আমি আশা করি সকলেই বাড়ি, নিরাপদ, এবং COVID-19 এর বিস্তার বন্ধ করতে সহায়তা করে।

我希望每个人都待在家里,保持安全,并帮助阻止covid 19的传播


How can you write like that on your Computer?! Cool...


I'm hoping that when things return to whatever normal will be after covid-19 i can finally enrol myself in a language course for real. Now i've finished the Greek tree on duolingo I want to move to the next stage of study and actually be in a language school for it. Think i'll always use duolingo to keep my basics fresh and for funny topics of conversation and i have duolingo to thank for where i am now but i can't wait to be able to use the language fluently. Who knows... by the time this is all over maybe i'll be closer to being bilingual!


Μπράβο σας!


There is a Plauge/Virus every 100 years, the 1720- the black plague, 1820- cholera, 1920 - the Spanish flu, and 2020- Covid-19 - Just a fact though




Do you personally know anyone with the virus?


I'm sick after being quarantined for potential exposure at a hospital. But, I can't get tested to confirm if that's what's making me sick due to supply shortages. If I've got it, I've been really lucky to have more mild symptoms. :)


I'm hoping for the best and that you do not have it. Hopefully, you'll be able to be tested soon my friend.


Thank you Kevin, just saw this. So far, I feel a bit better, then worse, then better. Sleep when im exhausted, lung treatments when my lungs start closing up. But, it's been manageable from home whatever it is. Just trying to with the flow. I'm counting myself lucky. Stay well friend. :)

PS for anyone concerned, I've been at home since learning of potential exposure. When friends drop off supplies I wear a mask and we stay 10ft apart and the put supplies on my back patio. So, I'm treating this very seriously even though no tests are available to me right now. If I have it, I don't want to infect others. If I don't have it, Im doing what I can to keep myself from getting it in addition to whatever I have right now. If we all take as much responsible action as is possible for our situations, we can save lives. After my symptoms go away, I plan to continue quarantine. People can be contageous for 37 days after, last I read. I will take care with the lives around me.


Be sure to update us if you ever got a test!


i follow you can you follow me please if you want to



As someone who works and lives in China..I sure hope you did not get this. I wish you all the best and hope you recover fully and that you did not have COVID-19. Do be careful. :)


Get well soon Usagiboy. I really hope it's something else that's bothering you, in any case, may you recover from whatever it is quickly. Hope you get some answers soon.


If it's sort of ok to say this, you seem to be a magnet for this type of stuff. Next time there's a chance for injury, just skip it for once, will you 😛. Hope you'll be on your feet again soon.

(Side note, for infectious diseases it's common for a disproportional number to contract it in a healthcare setting, both healthcare personnel as well as patients in hospitals and the likes)


zyxwvutsrqpo, I am! Lol. I am not a physically healthy person and I live in poverty. So, I am vulnerable to mishap in general. Add that to my habit of jumping into wild frays to help others, and it compounds things xD. But, we write our life stories with what we have to work with. And, well, I've never been content to ride along as just a passenger. Until the end, Ive got some pages to I want to fill. And there is more than enough ink for all of us. ^_^


Usagiboy7 I hope you are not sick with the virus! I hope you feel better!

xx Virtual Hugs To All xx


omg that's crazy hope u feel better :( i feel bad. have a lingot


How are you Usagiboy7?


Thankfully, I do not currently. I am keeping in touch with family and loved ones for updates.


Yes, a neighbour two doors away. A lucky escape for us as we were going away for a night with him and others in our book club, but my wife had an unrelated problem. And, a friend has just emailed saying that two of her children and their families have come down with it.

I suspect that these are "hidden" cases as all of them are self-isolating and treating the symptoms but not needing medical help.


HansShrops, yes, here in the UK like you, I know dozens of people self-isolating, some friends who are all unwell as a family and almost certainly have it, but don't know anyone who's been tested. I've had a chest infection, etc, and been away from the world for ages- pretty much better, now- but because testing has been so limited so far, nobody knows for sure who has it until either they're better or in hospital.


Good advice, thank you.


very helpful thanks


Thank you for keeping us informed through the mayhem we call COVID-19


Take care of you !!!


Good health to you!


The lock down is a tremendous opportunity for people to learn new life skills, such as mastering other languages. I am especially enjoying Spanish, which is truly the second language of the USA.


Good health to everyone, lots of time to learn your language during the quarantine!!


I have not gotten sick yet, nor has any of my family. I am very blessed to be healthy still.


Learning more Japanese during Quarantine should be ok.


I like using Doulingo while in quarantine because it keeps me occupied and my favorite thing about it is the stories because they are very fun too read and they satisfy me very much.


Schools closed, so I have plenty of time for Duolingo! Very happy about this. :3


that is so not fair my school hasn't closed yet but..... My Dad wants to pull me out of school early I really hope he does!!


Believe me, it's not as cool as it sounds...


MARCH 25 - Here in Italy (I'm located in Bergamo area) we are in lockdown. Hopefully this will help to normalise the situation. Very sad that on our experience (something good, something bad) most of the other European/world countries has not reacted as fast as you could expect. Guys, stay home all the time you can and do not understimate this virus.


Bergamo seems to be the most affected part of Italy, so...good luck!


Bergamo and Brescia so far, with Milan next. Hopefully not as strong as for those 2 provinces.


I'm half Italian and I'm very happy my family in Italy is safe from the virus. P.S. To everyone who lives in Italy God Bless and stay as safe as possible.


Let's open ourselves to new learning opportunities. Duolingo provides a generous, smartly engineered and cultural bridge that everyone can cross easily and safely. Now we can spend even more time learning a language. No excuses. And as we develop our proficiency, many of us, including moi will feel far more confident and less apprehensive about visiting a country.

I should also mention that nearly every cultural non-profit in NYC that I've supported financially or by attending is offering countless online resources. I'm overwhelmed by the archive of materials now online from MOMA's exhibitions to New York Live Arts performances. The doors for many cultural organizations are open and the recorded performances are free!

And if you have not listened to the stories, now is the time. They are insightful, varied and moving.

I'm looking forward to the future and reading about the many wonderful people, acts and stories.

Best regards. G


away from coronavirus , I just wanted someone to teach me how to speak English well,,, please


Stay safe, play the piano, and learn languages :)


hehehe, of course I'll , but how to make my spelling good


Flashcards will help like Anki or Memrise

1) Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net

2) Memrise (web): https://www.memrise.com
+ Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.memrise.android.memrisecompanion&hl=en
+ iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/learn-languages-with-memrise/id635966718

Memrise is good as I'm familiar with it but some really like Anki.

~Vir pius sacrificat~


thank u so much!!!!


hey i can help with anything that is English related, any other language I am sorry but I can't help :)


oh really!! so you can help me to speak English well!!!? :D


yes, i am Australian so i can speak English really well


can u teach me please? :(


There is an active Whatsapp group for English learners and speakers:


~Vir pius sacrificat~


Sorry, i don't have WhatsApp...! :(


Stay safe everyone. God bless you


I would also want to say is that please be nice and stay away from people who are sick and if you are sick please stay away from people who aren't.


Thanks for raising awareness about this issue. It really helps Don't lose hope


By the way, does anyone know any other ways on how to kill the virus (soap is scarce these days).


Where are you from haX010man ? I'm from Texas .... My Mom is a WATKIN's manager and she overstocked on handsoaps and cleaners......so if your from somewhere near then you could just swing by....


Hey!! Recently started up my language journey again during these uncertain times! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!! Much love and luck wished upon all of you <3 stay strong! We can get through this


I live in one of the London boroughs and (normally) work in central London.

I work in the National Institute for Health Research where my job involves assessing clinical trials for government support. The head of the NIHR is Chris Whitty, which is a name that British people should now recognise.

On Monday two weeks ago staff were told we were going to be split into two teams. One would work from home the following day and one the day after; this would be assessed for practicality and from the following week the teams would take it in turns to work two weeks at home and two weeks in the office.

The following day I was one of those who were to be in the office and I started work at 08:15. At 09:00 we got e message to take what we needed to work from home and leave NOW. We had an on-line meeting that afternoon where we were told we would work from home "for 14 weeks in the first instance" - so quite possibly longer. Bearing in mind the wealth of clinical expertise we have in the organisation we were happy that this approach was appropriate.

The switch to working from home took a couple of days to get sorted, mainly because I had been given so little time to get what I needed from the office before I left so forgot a couple of things (my mouse!), but replacements were available from Amazon. It's not the most convenient, but I consider myself very lucky that I can still work and get paid; many can't.


Can someone tell me how to say corona virus/Covid-19 in French? I just wanted to ask that for serious reasons.


It is coronavirus. I searched it and it looks like it is still coronavirus. If you do not believe me, you can search the internet. You are welcome. Have a lingot!

[deactivated user]

    My school has closed, and now I have to communicate via Microsoft Teams. It's gonna be tricky, but we have to be serious about the issue and treat it wisely.


    For people who are learning Italian, I think this classic tale of Puss in Boots is wonderful. The story is read out in different voices, including that of the cat. It really is very amusing and quite easy to follow becuase almost everyone knows the story already. https://stories.audible.com/pdp/B01N6J5PEH?ref=adbl_ent_anon_ds_pdp_pc_pg-1-cntr-0-25


    Also everyone have a great day


    Anyone else passing isolation time learning on Duolingo?


    Me. Every day. (Too) many hours.


    You know a couple of months ago I would have said you were crazy, that most people are different and right now you have to deal with today...tomorrow is in the distance! But I 've gone through painful situations and kept shocking secrets, and now I'm kinda realizing to that everybody is in some way missing something or inside deeply hurting, and us together can pull through together! And yes today is today but soon it'll be over and like you said tomorrow is a new chance!


    Just a random question... Is anyone using Duolingo as a breather in-between things? Like I mean for example if you play an instrument/instruments you practice for a while do duoling practice duolingo and so forth. I do and I find it quite amazing on how it positively affects my practicing!


    Thanks for posting! You stay safe too! And well!


    really appreciate it


    i appreciate the concern, school closed due to this madness.. this is gonna go on until scientist can find a vaccine or whatever medical thing is required. I'm not an expert lol.


    Let's not worry much bout this disease. I know it's not a little problem but worrying doesn't change anything. Let's stop the chain of virus and just sing together: "We're all in this together Once we know, that we are We're all stars And we see that We're all in this together And it shows, when we stand Hand in hand Make our dreams come true"


    i definitely need more books! the libraries are closed... :(


    Check to see if you can get some ebooks through your library.


    Maybe we could get a COVID-19 lesson for some of the more popular languages?


    YES, DUO. We need to learn the relevant words and phrases because CORONA VIRUS and COVID-19 will be the main topics of conversation for many more months. Come on Duo, please help us stay up to date.


    Ha! I quickly glanced at this and misread the last line as please help us stay up late. I do find Duo addictive which leads me to work on it into the wee hours. I agree a Covid-19 lesson would be helpful to me in German, perhaps grouped with flirting and idioms to help me spend some lingots.


    Two things I did recently to enhance my Duolingo experience. I am watching a lot of television. If you watch Breaking Bad and/or Better Call Saul on Netflix almost half the dialogue is in Spanish. As I am doing the Spanish tree I find I don't always need the English subtitles. I can spend more time watching the faces and it expands the experience. I saved the showing of "The Seventh Seal" which was showing on TCM. This is the Bergman movie where a Swedish Knight (Max von Sidow) plays a game of chess with Death (the Grim Reaper) in order to stave off death by the Plague. watch it over and over again. Each time I am able to pick out more words and sentences. I can start to hear Swedish dialects. The pronunciation of the Swedish word for Seven is different when the narrator recites it and when the Knight's wife Karin reads if from the Bible at the end. Did the actors have different regional accents? This is a good time to study foreign languages slowly and deliberately. Doing Danish after completing Swedish seems to have been a good move. I am now doing about four languages at once.


    Personally I am enjoying the Spanish stories on DuoLingo.


    I love BB/BCS, have the subtitles on in spanish and try to follow along as much as I can.


    I just received a notification of my second-closest French group, linked to Duolingo setting up it's next meeting. That is in contradiction to our government's stated position. I'm pretty sure that this is an automated calendar entry, but have mailed the administrator to get her to modify the notice ("we're keeping the situation under review", or something like that). So we'll get that sorted. I'll have to keep the nearest group updated through our WhatsApp channel.

    Oh, BTW, Duolingo has just started trying to use a website fingerprinter from "perimeterx.net" - don't worry guys, my advert-blocker saw it and stopped it. Don't do that, hiboux - it won't work and it will just annoy the customers.


    Thank you for sharing this update!


    Very helpful, thanks


    South Korea, STAY SAFE!!


    Stay safe everyone


    you are all really great!


    New Zealand is now in Aleart Level 3, meaning that all schools will cole, but I'm Homeschooled so I don't need to worry about missing out on Duolingo.


    And from Wednesday 25 March, NZ hit Alert Level 4 which means everything but essential services (supermarkets and doctors) are closed and everyone has to stay at home other than local exercise (by yourself or just with people in your household) or shopping for food. Police have arrested people who were just out and about and planes have stopped running. Oh, and no-one takes cash anymore it is all contactless card transactions.


    Welcome to the Stay at Home Order club! Sorry it's gotten so bad there that you have to do this, too.


    Thanks for that link! The stories are great xx


    Because of COVID-19, next week I’m taking online classes for school!


    Here in El paso texas we are in lockdown. Hopefully this will help to normalise the situation. Very sad that on our experience most of the other Texas countries has not reacted as fast as you could expect. Guys, stay home all the time you can and do not understimate this virus. Yeah dont go out if u dont need necessaries.


    Dude i'm pretty sure that's just a typo, but Texas has counties not countries


    I haven't really used the app for a bit of time. But I might get back into it again. It can help me to achieve what I want to do, by learning languages. I also have this goal to travel the world and visit most places that I can. I mean, after the virus is over, I want to travel to at least a few countries. And some people may think that this doesn't make sense, but I like to learn a language before going to that country.

    The reason is because so I can prepare myself. But back to the main point. I hope everyone is safe during this tough time. And that we can all get through.


    I just want all this to end and for the world to go back to normal :( Please stay at home, we lost way too many people to be irresponsible. Sending love and support to y'all... <3


    Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands for 20 seconds (that's 2 happy birthdays) to make sure that soap kills the virus. I hope you have a nice day, and stay safe!!


    greetings from italy :)))))))) -italian dude who knows pretty well english a bit of french and is spending his quarantine desperately trying to learn japanese


    I don not know if any of you may be religious, or if I am allowed to say this, but if any of you are religious, or are interested to any degree, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints uploaded a special video on youtube regarding the COVID-19- a special message to the world. In it, he invites all (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic...) to please join him in a worldwide fast on March 29th, 2020 in hopes that it may unite the global community and help the COVID-19 situation to some degree. You do not have to be religious. In fact, you could even be aethiest... we still would love to have you! For more information, please visit: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/president-nelson-fast-pray-relief-covid-19 If this is not for you, at least tell your friends. Thank you, wash your hands, be safe, God bless you all.


    Hi SkylarSQ,

    Folx are welcome to talk about religion, so long as it is on topic and doesn't break any of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. I haven't clicked your link, but, as far as I can tell, your comment is on topic and doesn't break any rules. I myself am an agnostic, conscientious objector to God for my own reasons. Regardless of my own beliefs, it warms my heart to see how people are coming together to share comfort, reassurance, and assistance to one another. Thank you for reaching out to your fellow Duolingoers to offer something close to your heart during these hard times. Be safe, be well. :)


    Hopefully this pandemic ends soon.


    I'm learning german and I'm from Iran. As you might know it is a mess here and I'm a cop, trying to keep the peace and quarantine our city, therefore I don't have much time to spend on duo and I don't want to stop, but I lost my wage yesterday. anybody knows how to bring'em back?

    [deactivated user]

      Does this mean that now is a good time to learn Duolingo bc I have nothing to do


      Thanks for this, i am currently being home schooled and i am finding Duo lingo really good for keeping up with french and it gives me something to do.


      Has anyone seen this yet? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37281496

      Usagiboy7 is asking people to use their social networks to find rare language speakers. The speakers would then help produce health and safety information about covid-19 for the govt.


      sometimes i miss school


      It's great that these days when I'm stuck at home I can use it to study languages :)


      I am an American living in Germany. Until now, I've had serious concerns about my friends and family in the States. One friend was telling me just the other day that she just had to do something to get a nail appointment. Huh? I am so very glad that President Trump has finally delivered a serious message to the American people. So many do not have to become so very sick or die. I just read that Ford is making ventilators. Hooray!! Play by the rules, think about what you are exposed to. Be safe out there.


      If your friend is still trying to go out and get her nails done, she is part of the problem. Everyone needs to stay home and isolate! I see too many people not taking this seriously and still hanging out with friends or going out in groups. Also, waaaay fewer people in the US would be affected by this if Trump had taken it seriously from the beginning, he really messed up here


      Yes, she is, part of the problem that is. My world view has changed so drastically over the past three years living in Deutschland. I feel so blessed to be here right now.


      I'm an American in Germany now as well :) so definitely can relate to that!


      Right now in the states, the only things open are stores that are important like restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. Everything else is closed and has been close for about a week now. America has the most cases out of anyone as well, so stay safe my fellow patriots. There is a low chance that the virus will be fatal to your friends and family. One of my bosses' sister (~60) had the virus but she's fine now. Stay hopeful sweetheart!


      See the list below of COVID-19's advantages and free resources;

      ~ Audible - free online audio books ~ Bolshoi Theatre - free YouTube videos of opera/ballet streamed live (only for 24 hours) ~ CEMC Waterloo - fun math games every day ~ Earl Haig - Physics (learn grade 10, 11 & 12 AP physics) ~ Disney Plus+ - free Disney movies ~ Khan Academy - Always free fun learning website for all grades and all courses! ~ National English Theatre - free YouTube plays of Shakespeare, and other English related plays streamed live (only for one week) ~ Peloton - free fitness app (3 months free trial) ~ ROM, ON, CA - activities and fun learning arts and crafts ~ Sufferfest - 2 month free workout app

      I hope all of you make use of this to keep you healthy, smart and entertained.

      Stay safe and take care of yourselves!


      I am ready for Covid-19 to leave for good!!!!


      This website is sooo cool! now I hope ill be able to watchMy hero academia no subtitles!!


      COVID-19 is pretty serious in itself, it just doesn't quit at all. It can affect people in many ways and this is no exception. But that doesn't mean people can't learn at the moment. This to me is the perfect time to really review what I'm learning. This can go for everyone else, use this time for the better.


      i think that during this time more children and teenagers should be using this time to learn more languages! not spending hours and hours on their phone as that is a waste of time!


      They aren't. They're actually spending time doing even more homework because teachers think that students have more time to do work because their home all the time. But somehow EVERY teacher and parent thinks this way so the work just piles up. Sounds like you are an adult so you might not understand as well as a 16 year-old would (not trying to be hostile here). I might even understand since I am homeschooled and only hear things from my friends who are all public schooled.


      Well, normally, a student goes to school and works all day only to come home and do hours of homework, right? At least that's how my school worked. So, if a kid is to have the same amount of work they'd be working all day and much of evening. Correct? In order to keep up with school during a stay at home order, they would have to do everything they would do at school at home plus the normal homework.

      My son is also homeschooled. I tell him how lucky he is to not have to be at school all day and then spend every evening doing hours of homework. By the time I was his age (15), I'd already pulled a few all nighters just trying to get projects and essays turned in on time.


      So if school is one you, say, leave home at 8:30 and get back at 4pm. At High school you'd be expected to do 2-3 hours homework. Are you currently getting more than 10 hours work?


      If feels like it but no


      that is great advice. I will hopefully apply that advice to my everyday.


      i agree we are all in this together and we need to stay strong


      Also in the UK, and have been self isolating for weeks after being ill, I want to add that anyone looking on from outside should not be fooled by the published numbers of cases and consequent percentages. These are going to be extremely inaccurate because the UK has pursued a policy that has not followed the WHO advice, and has not tried to identify each person with the illness, and track the contacts of each case- so far, (but hopefully this will be changing), there has been a significant lack of testing... My guess is that the number of people with c19 is far far in excess of official figures. So, on the negative side, there are many more people who have had it, but on the plus side, there will be a much higher recovery percentage than the official numbers suggest. Every life matters, and I hope that more will be done to save more lives. But there are some major lifestyle changes happening. Neighbours talking to each other, people doing shopping for people they've never met before. An interesting meeting of selfish stupidity and incredible loving and sharing :)


      I also wanted to add that for many people, this period of social distancing has meant more intimacy, more love, more care, more contact, less isolation than normal. There are many who have had more phonecalls, conversations and people asking if they are ok in the last few weeks than they have had for years. Some light can break out of this darkness. Remember each other.

      [deactivated user]
        <h1>No racism squad who’s with me?</h1>


        Me in quarantine and Duolingo As you know, many countries are in quarantine now. So, most of us have enought time to spend to the activities, that we actually like to do. I tried to make a video in exactly this topic. My native language is uzbek and Duolingo is helping me so much in devoleping my language skills. I hope that you'll like the video I created. I apologize for any mistakes I've done while speaking. Morover, most of you know English better than me, so please write your opinion about the video here, 'cause Youtube turned the comments off, because of my age. I want to check my knowledge in language learning by your help, somehow. Thank you. https://youtu.be/KAw6IEHgkFA - 1st part https://youtu.be/icebSL_lFSk - 2nd part In addition, there is also one more video on my channel, which is I made in my native language. I had number of questions about my language in these posts, so If you're intested to it, you can watch it too. I hope that you'll like uzbek. https://youtu.be/BayIGOYDsWE I thank Duolingo for great opportunities. An amazing language teaching system!


        If you guys are afraid of COVID-19, it's fine to be afraid. But just know that we're in this together and nothing's going to change that :P.

        If you lost someone due to this virus, just know you're not the only one who did.

        If you can't marry or date due to this virus, Just know that you're not the only one

        If you hate social distancing, just know (again) that you're not the only one.

        If you got anything you wanna let off your chest, feel free to talk about it because we got into this together and we're gonna get out of this together.

        Here's a song if you guys got the time to hear it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3HvgoWQpVQ

        I love ya guys and just know you're not alone in this pandemic...


        Everybody please stay home and watch your hands if possible stay safe


        I know I'm late in this but merci beaucoup for the post. COVID-19 is a big thing now and we mustn't talk about it too much on the forums.


        Thank you for the link , it would be realllly helpful


        Thanks sooooo muchhhhhhh


        my schools lierally shut down now


        Urgente. With de virus crisis, many teachers are going to teach using online resources. A key one is Duolingo. For Duo Stories, i want to assign a specific one, and maybe students haven't gone through the previous one, is this feasible? Will they be able to click the link and watch-engage in the story? Super important this time. Thanks


        I do not believe so, if your students do have a duolingo account I would recommend setting a number of stories that they have to read and once everyone has done enough maybe have a quiz over the stories? Just a suggestion




        Stay home..say safe


        People keep going outside, hanging around walking their dogs when they could just buy a treadmill or run up and down the stairs. It's a little careless, especially if you're in a pandemic. Not being rude, but true. Seriously. It's all about MAKING SURE. But those people don't understand there are plenty of creative fixes to problems they've had/do have. Or they just don't care and want to take one for the team. Or, they just don't think about it. Stay safe, guys.


        I've seen many posts about Covid-19. Here in the UK, the rates are low, not that high at the moment.


        Also Rosetta Stone is doing free 3 month subscription - no credit card req


        Rosetta stone are doing 3 months free subscription for kids too


        i toatlly agree thanks


        Ce virus quittera le monde. Veuillez que tout le monde prenne des mesures préventives pour assurer votre sécurité.




        I understand what you mean. But not everybody is light-hearted and good nature, and I understand if people want to post something cynical. Asking people to stop will be like asking a hungry lion not to eat you. Haha you know? But I appreciate you're insight on this matter and respect your opinion.


        It is actually quite rude to blame others like no one even knows how the virus started


        This is great you are posting theese things to help and tell us about corona virus


        Thank you and you too be successful in your language and be careful


        Since the schools are closed it gives us more time to do Duolingo.


        It's very interesting, thanks for the information


        There is too much going on here. This is literally slowing my computer down. I'm out, but please stay safe out there and wear a mask if you have the virus or not. Please get the vaccine when it's made and wash your hands. BYEEE!!


        With the audio books on Audible, are there different books for different levels? Because many people (like me) don't know that much of the language and only know the basics. So in short, is there different learning levels with the books? Thanks in advance!


        Thanks. You're very kind


        I wish you all well and please, please stay healthy!!! Also thank you duolingo staff for keeping Duolingo as awesome and educational as always! I really appreciate it all! I give you my full support, and I even filled out a form to be an insider to help you guys right now. Stay safe, and stay healthy!


        I see that a lot of people are really nervous and scared, but just know that thousands of people are working to treat, stop, and prevent this virus. Wash your hands, stay home, and believe that it WILL be okay!


        What a difference a day makes. Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care overnight and the country waits hoping for the best and fearing for the worst.

        UPDATE 6 April - two momentous events recently, Boris Johnson advised to go to hospital and I went shopping!

        Boris appears to be in hospital as a precaution and still working. He has had Brexit, a general election and now COVID19 in the last year - I'm not surprised that his ability to fight off the bug is a bit weak. Let's cross our fingers he will be out soon.

        My shopping expedition was enforced when Sainsburys delivery slots for the old and infirm disappeared today. The last two weeks I've chosen my shopping on-line on Sunday and found a slot and paid on Monday 8am - today nothing, nada, nichts. So, with an abbreviated list I braved the local Lidl where all but one younger guy were carefully keeping the 6ft gap. The shelves are reasonably full now except for toilet rolls, which have no place in the virus symptoms anyway.

        We appear to be approaching the top of the mountain and the media are baying to be told how the present restrictions are going to be reduced. They are told on a daily basis that no announcement is going to be made until we are sure that we are over the other side. I've lost track as to how many times they have been told "not yet". The ministers and the medical experts are amazingly calm when answering the same question again and again.

        But Spring has sprung and the weather is lovely, a pity that we can all only go out for one fitness exercise a day!

        UPDATE 31 March - well, we saw some green shoots over the weekend with falling numbers and then were rocked back on our heels today with the deaths up 381 from yesterday. As the previous days had stayed much the same or reduced, this statistically is not as bad as it sounds.

        In rural Shropshire, there is little traffic and the few pedestrians out for their permitted exercise are friendly, from a distance. Birdsong is a new delight, drowned out before and we walked down to the Shroppie, a nearby canal usually with regular leisure boats, deserted. Our groceries arrive at the front door, with the delivery man standing away.

        Testing the NHS front-line has been slow to get going, apparently due to a shortage of the chemicals needed for the tests. Differences of opinion as to whether there there is enough protective clothing - the logistics of getting the right kit to the right place is mind-boggling. But, more optimistically, big firms are working together to build ventilators and a new exciting innovation developed by scientists working with formula 1 teams is a pressurised oxygen system that may allow patients to avoid ventilators entirely.

        My wife and I are self-isolating on advice; we have a daily walk making sure that we keep well clear of others and, as yet, are fit and healthy. Our area has almost no cases identified. Compared to others, we are very lucky.

        For those of you old enough to remember Hill Street Blues - Be careful out there


        China alerted the WHO to cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan on December 31.

        COVID-19 is thought to have originated in a seafood market where wildlife was sold illegally.

        On February 7, Chinese researchers said the virus could have spread from an infected animal to humans through illegally trafficked pangolins, prized in Asia for food and medicine.

        Scientists have pointed to either bats or snakes as possible sources. 

        Should I worry? How can I protect myself?

        The WHO declared the virus a pandemic on March 11 and said it was "deeply concerned by the alarming levels of spread and severity" of the outbreak.

        The WHO recommends basic hygiene such as regularly washing hands with soap and water, and covering your mouth with your elbow when sneezing or coughing.

        Maintain "social distancing" - keeping at least 1.8 metres (six feet) between yourself and others - particularly if they are coughing and sneezing, and avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands.

        Avoid unnecessary, unprotected contact with animals and be sure to thoroughly wash hands after contact. 


        Whether you are in quarantine or not I really hope you stay healthy. Make sure to stay at home if you believe it is necessary. If you or a loved one are at high risk, make sure to be extra careful so you do not get the virus. Even if you or a loved one are not at risk make sure you stay at home so you don't put people at high risk in the hospital, or in a coffin. Make sure to be productive during quarentine. Because of the fact you use Duolingo and you see this message, this means that you are being productive so keep it up. But I am not saying don't play video games, Im just saying make a list for how you want to manage your day, and make sure you exercise too. Thank you

        Help flatten the curve!

        Thanks again, Omar Harris


        Thank you to all the workers on the front line.


        hello, friends! How are you? I want to tell you some fun things to do during the quarantine! Also please tell me your favorite language! Mine is Spanish! I also have a question for you. What is the best language to learn?

        Watch this video! It's lots of fun. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbCmXNud6FA

        Have a spa day!

        Have a picnic in your yard.

        Paint something! If you don't have paint use spice. I will put the recipe for spice paint down here!

        Do Duolingo.

        take the time to know yourself.

        Do a treasure hunt!

        watching tv can get old! So use a camera and make your own!

        Spend time with family!

        make a goal!

        learn a new skill!

        Spice paint:

        1 cup of water

        1/4 cup of flour

        4 tsp pigments (spice)

        food coloring as desired!

        ¡Hola amigos! ¿Cómo estás? ¡Quiero contarte algunas cosas divertidas para hacer durante la cuarentena! También por favor dime tu idioma favorito! ¡El mío es español! También tengo una pregunta para ti. ¿Cuál es el mejor idioma para aprender?

        ¡Ten un día de spa!

        Haga un picnic en su patio.

        ¡Pinta algo! Si no tienes pintura, usa especias. ¡Voy a poner la receta de la pintura de especias aquí abajo!

        Hacer Duolingo.

        Tómese el tiempo para conocerse a sí mismo.

        ¡Haz una búsqueda del tesoro!

        ¡Ver televisión puede envejecer! ¡Usa una cámara y haz la tuya!

        ¡Pase tiempo con la familia!

        ¡haz un gol!

        ¡aprende una nueva habilidad!

        Pintura de especias:

        1 taza de agua

        1/4 taza de harina

        4 cucharaditas de pigmentos (especias)

        colorante de alimentos como se desee!


        thank you healthcare workers and first responders!


        Actually, quarantine is better than real life. I don't need to leave the house to do everyday things and can talk to my friends through Zoom. My work is done online, so once I finish it, I can do whatever I want. Usually that's cleaning the house, working on a personal project, tutoring, or using Duolingo. I would rather be locked down than reopen because I would be scared that my relatives and I would catch the virus, and some already have had.


        I really wish everything was back to normal. Birthdays are now filled with people with masks. It's sad.

        [deactivated user]

          I wish for a vaccine


          I hate covid-19 period

          • 1360

          if you want to talk about it see your doctor

          if the desire has become obsessive, contact a psychiatrist

          Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.