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  5. "A bheil ceann mòr oirre?"

"A bheil ceann mòr oirre?"

Translation:Does she have a big head?

March 20, 2020



Can this mean 'is she full of herself' as well as the literal meaning, like it could in English?


I remember at school we were discussing Malcolm Canmore, the mediaeval King of Scots, and there was apparently some debate as to whether he had a physically large head or whether he was conceited. The fact that we actually had this conversation suggests it probably can have the conceited meaning. But maybe a mod will clarify.


Is there any way to distinguish between the sounds of orra and oirre?


I always liked the possibility that Malcolm Canmore (Malcolm III) got his name because he was clever. Usages change over time. It was a long time ago and he was a good king.


I think we need some citations on Malcolm the usurper being a good king. His bloody wife certainly started the long slow retreat/elimination of the Gaelic language in Scotland.

Don't believe everything you read in Shakespeare.

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