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Minor bug report: Spanish interface expecting English answers (web)

I've been learning Spanish from English, and decided this morning to play with learning German from Spanish. While switching back and forth between these, I've somehow worked the web site into a state where the interface is being presented to me en Español, but is expecting answers in English.

This is a screen shot of a German from Spanish question:


"Traduce este texto

Ich bin ein Madchen > Soy una niña

X Solución correcta: I am a girl.

(Reportar un problema) (Discutir oración)


(That button seemed like the wrong place to reportar the problema.)

July 15, 2014



Why do you say that the button "seemed like the wrong place to report the problem"? I would have thought that it is the ideal place.


The "report a problem" button brings things to the attention of the course moderators; in general, they won't be the same people as the software developers.

But playing with this some more, I no longer think that what I saw is an unusual case: doing courses with different source languages (Spanish from English, German from Spanish) will leave you in a confused UI more often than not. So I'm pretty sure they already know about this sort of problem.

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