"Pàirc mhòr."

Translation:A big park.

March 20, 2020



Is "a large park" not acceptable here?


Sorry, that was an oversight. I've added it.


Ah. So "large" is OK for "mòr"? I couldn't see how it wasn't, but I was marked wrong (a while ago) for using "large" in the context of Edinburgh. I'd tend to use large for a town, I think, but I suspect they're interchangeable in English. I thought I'd reported it but I don't remember getting a response.


Yep, we'll accept 'large' for 'mòr'. Re: the report, two things that may have happened.

The first is that we have fixed it but forgot to send an email. I can't speak for the others but sometimes I accidentally click 'reject' instead of 'accept' and so even if I've fixed it, you won't get the email. This often happens when you're firing through reports quickly.

The second is that we just haven't got to it yet. There are lots of reports and a small team, and it can take upwards of an hour to get through just one skill. Most of our work in the incubator at the moment is on Tree 2, but we do try and clear through reports as often as we can. I might make a wee post soon about reporting, because folk are doing a lot of reporting unnecessarily, which only wastes our time and means we can't fix problems as quickly as we'd like :(

Chances are that it's already been fixed though. But if you do come across it again, submit another report. I could never discourage legitimate reports :)


I've had a few notifications of suggested changes that were accepted, usually variants that had been accepted in different sentences. No biggie, but I'll remember that large is OK and report it again if it happens again.

Still so tickled that you take Nessie for Niseag and shoogly for chugallach.

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