2 Years?!


WOW! Today I realized that I've been on Duolingo for TWO YEARS! Today isn't the exact day, but it's still crazy! I don't even know where to start...I guess the beginning.

I was one of those kids who always finished there work early and had nothing to do, so I would talk and distract other kids. One day, my teacher offered a solution- Duolingo.

At first, I was a bit skeptical. Learn a new language? That sounded hard, especially at my age. But, the option was to keep getting in trouble, so I made an account and decided to give it a try.

Oh my, I was addicted. I loved how much fun it was to learn, and I was really enjoying Duolingo. It gave me something to do, and more than that, I was loving it! I played for about three weeks on end, learning and learning. I made friends in the discussion, and I was even starting to speak in Spanish sentences.

After about three weeks, I stopped playing. Life got in the way, and I simply didn't have enough time anymore. Soon enough, I had forgotten about Duolingo, and forgot everything I learned as well.

About a year ago, the same thing happened. I was finishing my assignments and had nothing to do. The teacher would randomly print off extra worksheets for me to do, me and her were at loss on how to cure my boredom. One day, trying to find something to do online, I checked my inbox. There, untouched and unread, was an email from Duolingo.

After reading the email, which urged me to brush up on my Spanish, I was engulfed once again in Duolingo. This time, I told my friends and classmates as well, and three or four of them made accounts too. We all had fun learning the same language, and used it as a sort of "secret code" Our teachers were thrilled, and frankly, so were we.

Oh, middle school came, and we were too "cool" for secret languages. I once again dropped Duolingo, maybe for the last time.

About a month ago, my dad left our home and moved halfway across the country. He is in the United States Marine Corps, and this time he was leaving us for a year to fulfill his duty in Washington D.C., Far, far, away from me. He promised me one thing before he left though. He told me that if I could learn Spanish, when he got back we would take a trip to Spain.

Motivated by his offer, I started up Duolingo again, which brings us to where we are today. I'm going to try and keep a streak longer than 7 days, XD, restore my skills, and learn Spanish. I'm excited and ready, and I hope that this year will be the year that I finally learn.

Thanks for being amazing and supportive people, and thanks for reading.


March 21, 2020


That was an enjoyable read. Such everyday matters, yet such an individual tale. Thank you.

Thank you very much!

Good luck - it isn't easy to stick to something like this and stay motivated.

So, don't do it for you - do it to make your Dad proud!

Thank you! I plan to :)

A lovely story, thank you. I wish you well.

Aww, thanks! Same to you!

2 years? I only did Duolingo for about half a year.

Lol well your streak is a lot bigger than mine (0)

Awesome job Dinos_Rock.

Thanks! You too!

I really enjoyed your post! Wishing you the best of luck!!

Thank you! Best of luck to you as well!

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