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I just tweeted BBC Alba


If you don't want to click on a twitter link, the text is "Guys, why are your CBeebies presenters still singing that jingle about "Tha pàrtaidh ann an-diugh" and "a h-uile duine còmhla..."? They're singing to kids who are supposed to be socially isolating for goodness sake! A h-uile duine còmhla? What are you thinking of?"

Am I the only adult who is actually watching this stuff?

Obviously the kiddie cookery programme that was obviously filmed in midsummer and starts with a trip to a M&S food outlet buying all these goodies from full shelves and surrounded by other shoppers isn't something they can do anything about. But they could at least quit live promotion of birthday parties with everybody together eating cake and drinking juice.

The presenters themselves look to be about fourteen.

March 22, 2020



Shouldn't this be an adult matter? If the target audience is kids under 10, it would be better to leave them their innocence, to reduce stress, and to rely on parents doing their job keeping them isolated.

May I ask at what point in the Gàidhlig course you started watching BBC Alba? Mòran taing!


I can't remember when I started but maybe a week or two in? I did the entire tree (first time) in under 12 days anyway. But I've been reading a lot about language acquisition by comprehensible verbal input, and it seemed like a good idea. The repeats are great because I get more out of it each time. Every week I understand a wee bit more and the snippets I understand get longer and more frequent,


I think it's not going to help adults deal with kiddies who aren't being allowed to play with their friends, if presenters on TV are still sending out the message that it's great to play with your friends. I agree it needs careful thought so as not to alarm the wee ones, but I'm thinking of the adults trying to explain why they can't have that party or go to play with their friends, against contrary mood music coming out of the TV.

Rewrite the ditty to avoid mentioning parties and caraidean and a h-uile duine còmhla...

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