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  5. "Tha mions ceart gu leòr."

"Tha mions ceart gu leòr."

Translation:Mince is ok.

March 22, 2020



This one is difficult as a listening exercise. Is there a way I am supposed to hear out if its tha mions or tha am mions?


This is a teaser. Because of the same sentence with a silent "am" elsewhere in the lesson, I threw it in. Wrong again.


Chan eil mions ceart gu leòr - tha mions sgoinneil!


I found the audio very difficult here. I couldn't hear moins because the first consonant sounded like a p or a b. I don't htink it's my sound equipment, I think it's the enunciation of the speaker that's giving the trouble.


Why is there not am before mions


Because it's "mince is ok" and not "the mince is ok". "Am" is the definite article in gaelic

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