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(Discussion) [WIS] Weekly Incubator Summary: 2020, Week 12

March 22, 2020



German for Dutch entered beta? Nice! Yiddish seems to have made decent progress as well. Although I'm worried for the Finnish course, as it has been still for weeks now...


There was a message from the Finnish team on last week's discussion - they're still at it, just currently doing stuff that doesn't show up in the percentage.


Have you tried the German from Dutch course yet? I did it the first day, even though I don't speak Dutch.


I'm using it as reverse tree. It seems to follow the CEFR, which is nice! My main tree, Dutch from English, follows the "I-am-an-apple- syllable", and I have already learned some useful Dutch words in the Dutch-German course, that I haven't encountered yet in English-Dutch.


I am so so so happy that the Nederlands>Duits course is here. I would say finally, but it was made quite quickly actually. It is just that i've been on tenterhooks for it to come since they've announced it.

The course is still in beta though, so there are still some kinks to work out. But anyone who's doing Dutch and/or German now has this course to ladder with. Did i mention that i'm happy?

*dances back to the NL/DE forum *


Yes, still beta, so it is still short and maybe will become longer? I just finished the 1. checkpoint and every single skill had Grammar Tips! I read them to practice my Dutch and I have to say: thanks goodness I don't have to learn German Grammar ;P ( They present it well though I think, in little manageable portions) .

I haven't encountered any errors in the German until now, once I wrote a translation that was not accepted, reported it, 2 days later it was accepted. I like the sentences. They contain a lot of guitars - that course rocks!


Happy to see, that Yiddish's doing great!


Go Yiddish team!


Thanks for posting this. We can actually talk about the progress here. On the orginal post comments are blocked. Thank you.


I think it's GREAT they rolled out Dutch from German! :) I hope one day to be able to do both of these as they are my nationalities! :) I took German before but want to get back into it! GREAT JOB Duolingo contributors that worked on making the Dutch from German to BETA! :) HOO HOO from Duo! :)


I'm so happy about German from Dutch! I've been looking forward to it for a long time. Now I can ladder!


Finnish hasn't gotten anywhere. :(


Zzzzz... explained why in the previous discussion.


I'm learning Finnish on a different website now i can't wait anymore.


Nice Zoroark from pokemon love it pokemon is the best


That's true! And I see that you have Alolan Sandslash on your profile picture.


Very happy to see that German for Dutch is in beta!

I am also very excited about the new Esperanto courses for French and Chinese speakers, and their fast progress so far. I wonder when they will be released. It can be expected that the large progress is because more content will be planned in the future, but we'll see...


I'm glad to see there's already a bit of progress on Maori!


I'm not going to create a new post for this, but I just spotted French from Dutch and German from Hungarian in the incubator!

I'm curious to see if those courses really will be developed or if they are just tests again.


French for Dutch speakers is not a test :) https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37140486


Nice! It also had six contributors when I just checked the incubator, so that alone would have been a good sign. But having an official confirmation is always better (I'm always amused that I can vaguely understand what's going on in Dutch texts just from knowing German and English XD).

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