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  5. "an t-sùil bheag"

"an t-sùil bheag"

Translation:the small eye

March 22, 2020



The audio on this seems to make the s (suil) silent -> "an tool vek" or should I say "ant sool vek"?


Perfect - thanks :-)


I have almost completed this section - thank goodness. The accent of the old lady has made this one of the most challenging sections. I did not enjoy it and persevered just to get to the end.


Good job! Hard won success is all the sweeter. She can be difficult, but after 517 days, I have found that the different voices become easier to understand.


I don't understand why there is a 't' before sùil here. I thought the 't' was present when the first letter of the following word was a vowel. Can anyone explain this to me please?

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