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How far does the course go?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but since I've started doing the Latin course, I've passed two checkpoints (the little towers with a flag on top of them and a number), but there seems to be no third. Instead there's a picture of the stupid owl, which doesn't do anything. Is this it? Does the course consist just of three levels? That would be a disappointment...

March 22, 2020



It's more of a sapling than a tree. We can only hope for a future expansion, like what happened for Hawaiian, for Latin and others that were initially launched as abbreviated trees.


The Latin tree does not have that many skills (yet). Hopefully, more will be added.


Thanks everybody!!


"Disappointment" -- I'll say! I keep reading about an expanded tree, but I'm not holding my breath.


duo began with latin recently - perhaps they will contunue


You've already said thanks, but one more reply: currently the course only has a vocabulary of 300+ words, covers the present tense, only, w/ the exception of a few sentences w/ subjunctive (to be polite) and one or two w/ a past tense. The course developers/maintainers have indicated that they'll work on a version 2.0 once this initial version is out of Beta test. And it is now out of Beta test, so we can hope for more, one of these days. Even if you know the materiall it covers, the course is still fun.


Thanks for the info... hope we shall!


You're welcome. Yes. let's keep our fingers crossed.

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