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"A brilliant day in a small shed."

Translation:Latha sgoinneil ann an seada beag.

March 22, 2020



Sounds like good toasting material. "May the days ever be brilliant in your small shed." Slàinte.


As nor Beurla or Gàidhlig native speaker I am not familiar with using of a word shed. Would anybody please be so kind and qive some reference?


A shed is a small building where people typically store their tools and supplies.


Thank you. I thought that, but it seemed odd to me - enjoying days in such place. Maybe with a tasting of some homemade firewater or uisge-beatha :)


A shed is a small building where many men escape from the world to mess about with tools and wood and broken stuff. I have had many wonderful days in mine


What is going on in these sheds ?!?


why isn't the answer "seada bheag"? Dictionaries have seada as feminine...

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