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  5. "Tha sinn a' dol dhachaigh."

"Tha sinn a' dol dhachaigh."

Translation:We are going home.

March 22, 2020



The volume for the female speaker is very low.


This particular speaker speaks not only very fast, but barely audible (or perhaps the volume of the clip?). I've reported it for that in hopes it will be replaced.


This speaker is good, but her audio is simply much more quiet than the others, which makes it very difficult to understand. Can the volume be regulated for her?


does not sound like a' dol. sounds like do


I note many comments about the volume on this speaker being too quiet and one year on, it has not been adjusted. It is very difficult to make out what the speaker is saying and my volume is on max.


it is still almost impossible to hear this person - I notice someone reported it a year ago!


Poor audio quality. I'm debating on buying the full version, but i won't if this is the best they can do.


Not confident it will get fixed as others have previously reported it previously but this clip is inaudible even if you turn your volume right up. I think there is one speaker throughout duolingo that this is happening with all the time

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