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  5. "Thalla is faigh dìnnear."

"Thalla is faigh dìnnear."

Translation:Go and get dinner.

March 22, 2020



recording not clear


Agree with comments on pronunciation. Some are fantastically clear others are very difficult to make out especially for beginners.

Appreciate the need for us to get 'tuned in' to different accents and diction, but using the extremes of the vocal spectrum not particularly helpful in the early stages of learning in my humble (non-academic) opinion


Agreed. The woman says, apparently: 'dhinnear'. The man says: 'dinnear'. This module is all over the place with the sound recording. Were the readers using their own phones to record their parts? Nor is there much evidence of pop filters being used. Some of the voices, however, are very mellifluous and easy to understand. More uniformity, and clarity, would be something worth aiming for.


This is a terrible recording.


Very poor recording.

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