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Is gold crown level easier than the 5th?

I noticed that when you level up the crown in a skill it becomes harder through more writing without hints and no minor mistakes allowed instead of multiple choice etc., but this stops with level 5 because at the final gold level it looks to me that the difficulty is a kind of mixture of the previous 5 levels. Is this just my paranoia or real?

Edit: wrote "gold" level instead of 5

Update: gold level fades away after some days, so you can have the lessons again!

March 23, 2020



No, it's real.

Are there actually level 5 lessons? When I last completed level 4 of a skill, the skill became gold and indicated level 5. But I saw no lessons on level 5 - level 4 was the last level with actual lessons and the harder (though sadly much reduced) learning content.

If you're talking about the level 5 practice level, most of the questions are very easy (multiple-choice, choosing words from a word bank etc....) and are really lower-level questions.

You're lucky if you get 2 questions where you really have to think and write the correct answer (unassisted) in the language you're learning.


You''re right! I think it is a bit of a mix!


It's a bug that has been there forever. No idea why it has not been fixed.


Once your skill is gold that's the "end" of normal lessons. Everything else after that is just "practicing" or "reviewing" that skill and yes it is too easy compared to later levels in the skill, which is disappointing and the reason I rarely practice.


Should be getting harder from what I can tell



L5 lessons are a big step up from L4 lessons - much more actual writing from scratch in the target language.

The gold-skill practice, though, is a mix from L1 to 5. To my mind, this is a good thing - because you're practicing a skill that may well have gone a bit rusty. Start by nudging and poking it back into life, then build it up before giving it a short-but-sharp proper workout.

If you want to make the gold-skill practice harder, buy the "timed practice" from the shop. Best handful of lingots you can spend, especially past the first checkpoint or two. Get to the end of a higher-level skill's practice against the clock, without running out of time, and you know you're GOOD.

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