I wish Duolingo would appreciate that not everyone here has excellent eyesight. Some of us old gits have great trouble seeing the buttons for the accents. Please change from grey on grey to some thing more distinguishable. Also, the answers are just as hard to see, being green letters on a green background. Come on Duolingo! It's hard enough learning another language when one is 70 years old without you making it even harder because we can't see the text.

March 23, 2020


One thing that you could try Robert that I find helpful is to hold down the command button (just to the left of the space bar) and hit the + button. It will enlarge everything. You can continue to tap the + to continue to enlarge the font. To make things smaller hold the command button and hit the - button. The + and - button are at the top of the keyboard just after the 7, 8, 9, 0 buttons. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, it's been something that's been discussed in the forums for a while, but nothing has been done to address it.

Depending on what device you're using you could change settings so that you don't have to use the buttons for accent characters that duo provides. Other than that a dark mode may help (I believe some of them are customisable, so you may be able to get a better contrast).

If you're on a computer, using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can press Ctrl and + and you'll be able to zoom in on the page with 10%. With each press of Ctrl and + you can zoom in more and more until you feel you can see everything clearly. Try it and I hope this helps.

or if your computer has the touch mouse thingie (I'm stupid) then you can use it to zoom in

I am so proud that even at 70 you are still trying to learn languages! Very cool!!

If you're on a computer, I might be able to help. I seldom use the little grey boxes for accented letters. Instead, I press and hold the Alt key while typing numbers. For instance, Alt + 160 gives you "á". Other numbers for this use are 130 é, 161 í, 162 ó, 163 ú, 144 É, and 164 ñ. It's true, I have to move my hands around on the keyboard to do this, but I think it's as fast as using the mouse and clicking. Hope this helps. ☺I found these possibilities (along with other interesting ones) several years ago when I was studying Spanish by correspondence--and typing my responses. Now . . . if someone could persuade Duo to do something about that female voice . . .

Gotta give you a lingot for the subtlety at the end of your comment, wcooe9xn ! Made me smile !

Until Duolingo does something about accessibility, you can avoid the accent character buttons by choosing International English Keyboard on your computer.

Here's a link to a screenshot accompanied Duolingo guide:

Hahahaha lol so true

I agree with the other comments. Funny how when one gets a bit more, well, mature, 70 seems not so bad! I am bad at any of the ' technical stuff' but I hope you stay at it and solve this issue. Myself, it is my hearing. Not so good any longer and the regular speed young lady on the Duo lessons is almost impossible for me to hear. We all have our challenges it seems. We Boomers will overcome! Keep at it Robert.

jcupp55 I totally agree with you about the audio and how hard it is to understand when you have a hearing problem. Sometimes, I find myself holding my pad up to my face trying to decipher what the first or last letters of a sentence are . The womans voice in question is so difficult to understand that I have often just given up on the sentence. Thank goodness they include a slower version of the sentence. Without video there can be no lip reading. Thank you for bringing this up! We CAN overcome!

You both get lingots from me, jcupp55 and Carmen201245, along with Robert! I hate that I do not have lips to read! (Which is how I normally "hear" people). That female voice is inefficient. I hold my tablet up to my ear and play it over and over quite often. I end up guessing too often. Thank you for bringing attention to these disabilities.

ssSMASHhh Thank you, loved your comment! More lingots to both of YOU!

I totally agree with you. That's a very sensitive topic. If Duolingo is accessible by everyone then it it should be accustomed to everyone's learning needs in this context !

Rock and roll Robert, I'm nearly there to the three score and ten yet I still think I'm thirty five, it's not my eyes but my knees that are not quite with the program. Remembering those days in the 60's when I had great fun roadying with Stevie Marriott and the Small Faces still make me smile.

Yes, the color choice there is awful. Font is too small and there's no contrast. I do not know what they were thinking. That light gray is usually reserved for 'disabled' elements that can't be clicked.

I know duo is all about appealing to children for their upcoming IPO. But we really need a version for adults without the cutsie cartoons and low contrast colors.

I'd agree with you on this one. I'm 42 and I have a lot of trouble with the super-pale grey lettering on a white background. I suppose it'd be better if I had glasses, but with no health coverage, no glasses or eye exams.

I buy reading glasses at the dollar store. They help.

Maybe change computer setting

[deactivated user]

    DL won't see your (quite reasonable) request in these forums.

    To get their attention, it's better to post it as a bug report.

    I am sorry sir. I hope duolingo takes your suggestion into consideration soon

    I agree that Duolingo fails to take in eyesight considerations but also colorblindness. This is a great illustration of the problem (with a nifty visual test for everyone to take):

    However, there are other ways to access accents that are quite simple yet not mentioned as far as I can see so far.

    Depending on the device one is using we can just hold down the letter key and a pop-up will come with choices that we can either slide or tap (via a mouse or pad or finger...), or type the numeral to get the accent, like this:

    I get these for both my laptop and my phone.

    Generally though I just know where most are in my keyboard now. Option+e gets the acute, while option+i gets the circumflex, option+c is the cedilla, and so on.

    There is however no Turkish "S" with a cedilla for my Mac or phone. :(Ş

    Yeah maybe if you zoom in that might help?

    I agree, but donating lingots isn't going to help, putting into consideration the fact they are, quite literally, worth nothing. Sorry, Robert400148.

    I'm with you! I know there are all sorts of solutions to the problem, but clicking on the accent buttons is the simplest one for me. It is a challenge to slow down and remember to do that. I, too, wish the buttons were easier to see. So -- I get lazy and often won't even do the accents, which isn't a very good learning practice.

    I can see how Duo could make small changes to help us old folks out, but if one has to depend on lip reading to understand conversation, I don't see how Duo can compensate for that--other than make that d**n female voice louder, slower, clearer . . . My mind is totally boggled at comprehending all the work that surely must have gone on (and is still going on) for this site. Thank you, Duo!☺ Can anyone tell me why my little Spanish flag symbol has a "23" after it?

    Can anyone tell me why my little Spanish flag symbol has a "23" after it?

    It's a relic from an old measurement system that predates the Crowns, called Levels. (Not to be confused with Crown levels.) Levels are out of 30.
    They are based on XP. You can see the key for how many XP it takes to reach each level here:

    You can also see your level (and other statistics) on your personal Duome page:

    l think that to an l speak spanish an this still teaches me some things

    yeah you go robert have a lingot

    Ill in hospital, I lost my streak. I am not sure I am addressing this in the right place. I want my around 850-day streak restored. I was ill and could not participate at all. I have too many lingots to be brought down to zero! Please do this for me. Thank you, Wanda Austin-Peters

    Ill in hospital, I lost my streak. I am not sure I am addressing this in the right place. I want my around 850-day streak restored. I was ill and could not participate at all. I have too many lingots to be brought down to zero! Please do this for me. Thank you, Wanda Austin-Peters

    On an iPad, I find that the font for words to select for translations is too small. Also the words are too close together. THis is worse on an iPad and surprisingly not as bad on an iphone. It is ok on a computer with a big monitor as I have. But pleaseDuolingo fix this on an iPad. Human factors are important.

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