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Age restrictions/recommendations

Hi I wanted to recommend Duolingo to my class, as I am teaching remotely due to school closures. I have two questions: Is there a recommended age e.g. 5 and over? Are there any age restrictions - as I have read it is possibly a minimum of 13 years of age?

Many Thanks

Filiz Azmi

March 23, 2020



Age restrictions are a government thing. It means that those under 13 cannot sign up on their own but must have parental permission or be part of a Duolingo for Schools in a classroom. Otherwise, anyone who can read and write can participate (this can help teach spelling, and the importance of it but there is also, "Tinycards" for all ages that is side-project of Duolingo).

There are ways via the Duolingo for Schools program to restrict "mature" content (because things like "beer" and "wine" no longer exist if we do not learn anything about them.../s).

The Duolingo "Help" pages have lots of info that might help you understand how the site works. It is linked (in tiny grey letters) at the bottom of every Duolingo page.


The Help pages have a section on Duolingo for Schools which has several sub-sections:



Are your students super young, Mrs.FAzmi? If so, regular Duolingo might be too hard for them. (Lots of reading and typing.) I would suggest trying Duolingo Tinycards (you can check out my Spanish, French, and Japanese decks, although my Japanese decks are probably too hard for younger ones since you would need to type in Japanese... Search for "MadameSensei" on the homepage). You could also try Duolingo podcasts (although the subjects might be uninteresting to really little kids). Another option is that you can access the Duolingo stories audio here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198. (The Duolingo Stories are generally only unlocked after completing a certain number of levels, but a group of us going by the moniker TinyDynamicDuo are working on fun stuff to do with the Stories).

Would you mind telling us the age range of your students and what language, and we can help you brainstorm ideas? We are all in this together.

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