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Mistake in Hindi letter exercise of 'च' and 'छ'. च should be written as 'ch' instead of 'ca'.

Hey, native speaker of Hindi here.

In the second letter exercise of the course, I faced the issue with roman hindi of 'च' and 'छ'. I think 'च' should be written as 'ch' instead of 'ca' , and 'छ' should be written as 'chh' instead of 'ch'.

For this you can see many cases and it is written as I have just mentioned above. For Example - 56 is written as Chhapan not as chapan. 40 is written as chalis not as calis. China, Chandigarh in hindi is written with 'च' not 'छ'. Chhattisgarh is written with 'छ' not 'च'.

I hope you guys will pay attention to it and correct it. Otherwise, great work!!

March 23, 2020

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There are several methods/norms of transliteration of Hindi/Devanagari, Duolingo uses ISO 15919 norm - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_15919, which indeed employs c for च and ch for छ.

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