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  5. "Bha i caran blàth."

"Bha i caran blàth."

Translation:It was somewhat warm.

March 23, 2020



Says caran is "somewhat" but somewhat isn't among the vocabulary???


Oh sorry. This is a wee change we're making in Tree 2. The word caran can mean 'a little' or 'somewhat' and both are accepted here. The problem is that we taught caran as 'a little' in Tree 1. In Tree 2, we are introducing the word beagan, which can be translated as 'a little', but not as 'somewhat'. In short, beagan and caran are not synonyms, but they can both mean 'a little'. So we've changed the best translation of caran to 'somewhat', so as not to confuse you all too much :)


Hee hee thankyou! Now, Loch Caran makes sense, I was wondering how it could be a 'somewhat loch' ;)


"A litte" is pretty much a synonym for "somewhat" in English.


Yes, but why not give "a little" as the meaning then?


I think we have to be able to cope with the non-1-to-1 correspondence between words in different languages.

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