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  5. "An cat cudromach."

"An cat cudromach."

Translation:The important cat.

March 23, 2020



Surely An cait cudromach 'Their important cats' is valid? It doesn't make much less sense that 'The important cat'.


Why would 'Their important cats' translate to An cait cudromach? Shouldn't it be Na cait cudromach aca?


Yes, but we're asking for cat and not cait :)


I was asked to fill in the correct word from a list that included both. It seems that you can design a valid translation question, which somehow becomes a 'fill in the gap' question with no clue as to what meaning was in the composer's mind.

Does Duolingo simply pick similar-looking words from its database (which is bound to fail) or does a human choose the range of options, in which case you have to think carefully from the point of view of someone who does not know what you were intending?


Did you report it? I wouldn’t put it as a default translation, but I agree it could be an accepted alternative translation.


As I explain in response to Joanne, it was a 'click the correct box' question and they do not seem to accept multiple answers - they would be a bit pointless if they did. If I remember correctly, cat and cait were the only options.

I use the website. For some unknown reason this means I cannot furnish any further details when I report 'something else is wrong'. And if I simply said that cait was right, without my reasoning, you would not know what I was on about.


When answering I didn’t notice you used plural cait, cats in your comment. I thought you were asking about translating an cat cudromach as their important cat being accepted. Sorry for confusion. :)

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