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  5. "a big building"

"a big building"

Translation:بِناية كَبيرة

March 23, 2020



What is the difference between بِناية and مبنى?


The most accurate word for "Building" is بناء and مبنى. both have the same meaning when it comes to the known "Building" , but differ a bit when referring to other form of building (like in "building of the sentence").

However, بناية is used colloquially and rarely heard in MSA.


بناية is MSA. It is the "masdar" of بنى = to build

I agree though that it shouldn't be used here.


Does "masdar" mean gerund?


Thank you, kara5712800!


exactly (Y), it is a genuine MSA but for a different meaning, yet it is used colloquially for the other meaning *_^


Actually, since the word building is somehow weird in English, they both can translate to building.

However, بِناية = 'the act of building', or better said 'construction'. You can use it in sentences like "My son like building stuff with Legos". On the other hand مبنى literally means 'what is built'. Therefore, I would prefer using مبنى in this sentence.


I understood mabni to be build/built etc.. fikrati mabna 3la... My idea is based/built upon. How about Imara?


How to say "it is big"?


I suppose it must depend what the "it" refers to. Since every word in Arabic is either feminine or masculine, the pronoun will correspondingly be either هي or هو and the adjective in the appropriate gender.

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