"Ho le mie fonti."

Translation:I have my sources.

May 3, 2013

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ok is this sources like a water source in the mountains or sources like "where did you get that information? I have my sources" ? because fonti also means fountains, but when I wrote "I have my fountains" (which I agree makes little sense), it was incorrect.


Yeah, the first meaning that comes to mind is sources as in informers; it does indeed also mean water springs, but I'm not sure about fountains, I can't imagine a context where I'd translate it with that.


This is a femanine noun. Why does it end in i?


Feminine names ending in -a are common, but not a rule: there are nouns like "la mano"/"le mani", "la trib├╣"/"le trib├╣", "la specie"/"le specie". Rather than being irregular, these words simply have a different origin (namely, a different declension in Latin); a very common class of endings is this one in -e, which is gender invariant: "la fonte"/"le fonti", "il fiore"/"i fiori", "l'arte"/"le arti".


A new challenge after old challenge :)) but all languages have their nuances ://


i can have my fountains, because i like to collect them, small, medium, big... does fonti refer exclusively to sources???

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