"They are not my bosses."

Translation:Eles não são meus chefes.

May 3, 2013

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How is it that when I replace "eles" with "elas" its wrong ?


Elas is feminine, I believe that you can only write elas if you know that the bosses are all women. But in this sentence, we don't know the bosses genders, so you have to write Eles. Eles can be all male bosses, some male and some female, or neutral if you don't know the gender.


I would think that, "Elas nao sao as minhas chefes, is correct. I made the mistake just now by not making the "chefes" female.


"Elas não são minhas chefes" is correct (you don't need "as"). "Chefe" is the same word for both genders: "o chefe/a chefe". (there's also the term "chefa" but that's a colloquial word).

I disagree with @reno300's comment. If you translate "Elas não são minhas chefes" to English you arrive to the exact same sentence, so it should be a valid translation. Or to put it another way, if this was a multiple choice question you would have to check both "Eles não são meus chefes" and "Elas não são minhas chefes".


Yes I think you might be correct here. I just read somewhere that if the gender isn't specified, then always use the masculine. Now I'm doubting if this was good advice or not! Of course elas would work if you knew they were all women.


You are right, you were given a good advice. For a group of mixed genders, or a group of unspecified gender, use the masculine. Use the feminine only for a group of all women. The thing is that, when translated from English, it's not clear which kind of group it is, so we could assume it was a group of all women as well. So putting the sentence in the feminine shouldn't be considered wrong by Duolingo.


Are you serious? "Não são meus chefes" is perfectly fine!


I was marked wrong for omitting the subject pronoun. Is this because there is potential ambiguity between "vocês" and "eles/elas"? I think not. I think Duolingo was wrong to mark me wrong for writing "Não são meus chefes", but it would be nice to hear from a native speaker. I hate to erroneously report but I hate to not report.


i can say os meus!!!!


I was surprised when I put "eles não são os chefes de mim" and got it wrong.


Good to know. Then maybe jakerosen wrote "Elas não são meus chefes.", mixing the feminine 'elas' with the masculine 'meus' instead of 'minhas' and was marked incorrectly for that.


why is "eles não sao os meus chefes" wrong?

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