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Factual errors in wikipedia text

Is there a best practice for translating Wikipedia articles that contact factual errors? I was just working on an article about the American election that mentioned that Arnold Schwarzengger was currently governor of California. He's not. Jerry Brown is. Is there a way to flag the original text? Does Duolingo support using "sic"?

August 6, 2012



Paradoxically, you can create factual errors as a result of translation. I was working on a text about ASCII code pages. It contains an example sentence in French. And in the next sentence it said there were 26 bytes in the previous sentence. I could not do an exact translation of the French and keep it to 26 characters, so I changed the sentence slightly. No doubt, someone will pick up my "poor" French translation. [I use square brackets to annotate something that is just wrong or cannot be translated.]


he will always be the governator to me.

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