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A little bit of Scottish Gaelic history and poetry

The 18th-century Gaelic watershed that led to Culloden:


Not sure why I have such a problem getting links to post as links -- but it is a good article.

March 23, 2020



Copied the link, worked just fine, tapadh leat


Try this link. https://www.thenational.scot/news/18325863.18th-century-gaelic-watershed-led-culloden/ (Bother that didn't work for me either, sorry!)

I've cancelled my weekday paper for now to avoid having to walk into the village centre to the paper shop every day, especially because the last time I went they didn't have a 2-metre queue separation. So I've just been reading the occasional article I find linked to online instead of leafing through the whole paper. I hadn't seen that one so thanks.


A wise decision, stay safe and healthy!


I'm comfortable in a rural area and well enough supplied to avoid all human contact for quite a few weeks if I don't mind UHT milk, Marvel milk powder, and Ryvita or oatcakes instead of bread. So I'm probably one of the luckiest people on the globe right now.

Stay safe yourself.

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