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New Duo Event Scheduled. Is this really a good idea right now?

I just received an email inviting me to a restaurant gathering near me for a Duolingo event. I always liked the idea of doing this as a way to add a new dimension to Duolingo language learning but in our current state of social distancing, should these events still be happening in person to person gatherings?

Actually, in it's location the restaurant shouldn't be open for customers to sit down inside. Perhaps this is just a reoccurring monthly invitation that has not been removed or changed to a virtual meetup.

There are still opportunities to have these events virtually right now. I hope that the hosts of these meetups consider options like this to help the Duo community stay connected and advance their language skills.

March 23, 2020



I'd try emailing the host to ask/inform them about this. It does sound as though it could be a repeat invitation which has been sent in error.


It does sound as though it could be a repeat invitation which has been sent in error.

Exactly, an automated email response that someone forgot to disable.


It would only help spread the virus. There's not much we can do but try to stay a home though.


In many countries - such as NZ - it is illegal and the restaurants will be closed anyway. If it is still possible where you live don't go - we have to stop this virus.


Yeah, I think Duolingo should shut down the event page for a while. It's kind of just irrational at this point in time.


Many if not all events are being held online now.


do not go even if u or anybody else in the group does not have anything yet they may have soon which means u will get it and be a carrier to other people that is my advice


Given some of the thoughtful emails in this thread, my hope is that Duolingo will promote virtual events like ones that are already happening and continue to have an opt in strategy that takes into account our younger members. We may be doing more and more virtually in at least the near future. After seeing the posts, I also suspect that nobody is actually planning to attend in person anyway and that it was an automatic periodic invitation that should have been taken down. Stay safe and stay connected. You can do both.

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