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Celebrating my 2500 days streak...

Habits are hard to break. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing for good habits, and a bad thing for bad habits. My good habit is learning languages. I started it seriously 2500 days ago, with great impetus and motivation. I’ve lost the motivation, but the habit is still there. So here I am, 2500 days later, still learning any language I can put my hands on. Why? Because I always have…

That fact, the fact that you can ‘program’ yourself like that, should be a source of hope. After spending a lot of energy forcing or motivating ourselves to do something, we end up spending less and less energy doing it while having better and better results, and eventually, we even forget why we started doing it in the first place.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten why I learn languages, and there are several reasons, but in the course of 2500 days, I’ve learned a lot more about the world and its intricacies, not the least of which through exposing myself to foreign cultures during language learning. While learning about the world, my motivation gradually shifted from “I want to learn languages to be able to help people learn my other skills” (Piano playing, programming, etc…) to “I want to learn languages to be able to help people learn languages”, because I saw how many people needed languages just to get by in life.

To that end, I started coaching people (in real-life) on how to do what I did, giving them the tools they need, including organizational tools, to achieve their goals, as well as helping them practice and stay motivated. To expand upon that one-on-one experience, I started hosting Duolingo events in German, English and Chinese. Very few people came to the last 2, but the number of people wanting to learn German started increasing and more and more people started coming to my Duolingo German Adventures event. Everyone that ended up coming was a beginner, and me being fluent in German, I ended up taking on the teacher role, trying to keep everyone engaged with fun German games without anyone getting overwhelmed or feeling excluded.

Unfortunately, the Corona virus put an end to all those face-to-face meetings, and now I find myself again in front of a screen, writing, as my only way to keep helping people learn languages. This fact is pushing me to finally start the Language Learning blog I promised I’d start after writing my first celebratory post, because aside from the fact that it is now impossible for me to meet people in person, I still haven’t found any blog made in the way I had originally envisioned, because as you might know, I’m also an app developer, and I’ve always wanted to make my blog interactive, available in all the languages I know.

If you haven’t done so already, you can find a lot of language learning tips embedded in my previous celebratory posts, namely:

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3- Celebrating my 2000 days streak...

When you’re done reading, tell me, do you think I should start a blog on language learning?

March 23, 2020



That's a whopping 6.849315068493151 years. That's absolutely marvelous.


Wow...I actually haven't realized how long it has been (in years). Thanks for the accurate number and the awesome photo! :-D


I realized, you may have been studying since 2013 or 2014. You are a veteran!


did u use a calculator? :D


How do you do the Congratulations thing?


2,500 days... That's such a long time. Here, I have seen discussions celebrating some remarkable streaks, but this is the longest one yet. The commitment of yours to stick with this for almost seven years is something that just takes my breath away, and it's also something I'm striving to have. Here, take a few lingots; you deserve them very much.

And all those languages I see you've been working on, all that progress you've made...I think it'd take me a lifetime to do that. Cheers to you; as crazy as it is, here's to another 2,500, here's to 5000 days.


5000 days!? I haven't even considered that streak number in my head before! Thanks for believing in me and giving me a new number to look forward to :-D


Congratulations! That's a lot of days! BTW: It's a really good idea to start blogging on language learning.


Wow how do you get pictures

~horsey girl~


Nice! Even though I can read a lot of those, one day, I want to be able to read them all! :-D


That's quite a compendium! You are obviously a person who likes helping others and also keeping things organised, so I'd say you are an ideal person to create such a blog.


That's quite a convincing argument. Thanks for caring & sharing :-)


That's some track record, well done.

I don't think I've ever deliberately looked at anybody's blog in my life, but I'd probably have a look at yours if you set one up. You seem like a very helpful and positive guy. Good luck to you.


That's quite the encouragement! Saying that you've never looked at anybody's blog, but you'd consider mine just because I'm helpful and positive is very nice of you. Thank you :-)


Samir: Bravo, congratulations and respect! It's hard to believe that 2500 days of a streak have gone by already. And I still have your 1000-, 1500-, and 2000-day streaks in my Forum Followed Folder that I look at when I feel the need for motivation and inspiration. Your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts have helped me during my language learning journey. Thank you for your posts and I look forward to seeing your post celebrating 3000-day streak. Also, a few lingots that I rounded up to a rounded number. Best wishes and stay safe. :) Chris


Thank you for your constant support Chris! Your replies to my posts have played a significant role in motivating me to keep posting them and to start a blog for language learning. I hope I can rely on your feedback and comments in the future as well. They help me just like my posts help you :-)

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