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Anyone else really missing Clubs right now??

While trying to find silver linings during this stay-at-home order, I re-downloaded Duolingo and encouraged some of my friends and family to do the same. I was excited, because I imagined we could follow each other’s progress and comment via the app in a “Club,” like I had done with a friend a year earlier. No dice. Clubs are gone, and my attempt to stay connected and encouraged failed. Anyone else similarly bummed? (Hoping this thread might encourage Duolingo to bring back the best part of their app during this time of crisis.)

March 23, 2020



I've been missing clubs ever since they replaced them with leagues.
Leagues emphasize churning and too much focus on "winning". Clubs actually emphasized using the language in another format. They should have revamped clubs and improved them.


I totally agree . Clubs will avoid guys using robots, otherwise how would someone make 20 k points in a single day?


exactly; sometimes i'll look to see where i am in the league and there will be a person ahead of me with like 700 points, and it will go up every few seconds. what??


I don't think they are using bots because there is an obvious way of cheating to gain XP quickly. That 'cheat' - which allows someone to get approx. 200XP in the time it takes someone else to complete a single lesson - existed when leagues were first introduced eight months (or so) ago.

Basically, everyone who actively participates in the leagues and plays fairly is being cheated and Duolingo is turning a blind eye to it.


I don't care about the cheaters, because I'm here to learn, not get a high score. I'm learning, that's what matters to me. But I can totally see, how, if you're actively into leagues, and playing fairly, the cheating would be really frustrating.

Because I don't care about leagues, I almost never look at them, at my score, etc. Once in a blue moon, my eye catches on it, though, and, last week, I just happened to finish a lesson right as the week ended for leagues, and, since I'd done a lot more lessons than usual that week - I was going back in my tree and reviewing older stuff, so I wouldn't forget it - I got bumped into the next level or league or whatever it's called, into Sapphire, and, because of that, Duo notified me of it and showed me where I was on the scoreboard....

....and, so, for once, I was actually looking at the scoreboard, and it happened to be about, literally, two minutes after the week had started for leagues, so the xp could have only been gained in the last two minutes, and people had craaaaazy high scores that they could not have possibly achieved. There was more than one person with a score over 2 thousand!

That really made me get why those who are into leagues are frustrated by this.

It frustrates me a bit, but only because I hate cheating and lying and such on principal. Cheaters on Duo don't bug me much, since I don't care about scores, etc. But, boy, seeing those craaazy high scores, all of two minutes into a new week, sure made me have sympathy for those who are into leagues, because, boy, you just don't have a fair shot with people cheating like that.


maybe they are using stories.stories usally go faster than normal lesson but give you about the same amount of xp.just a possiblitly


Maybe. But, to be honest, in this case, I don't think so, because there had thousands of xp in like two minutes. But maybe people do that other times....although, now that I think of it, how is doing stories cheating? I mean, if they're legit doing the stories, then that's not cheating...


What even is that cheat


I like the leagues. Some people are competitive and it motivates them. I think leagues and clubs fill different roles though and could see them having both.


I agree, I feel as though they could just live side by side


yeah, I agree too. This is about learning new languages, not earning the most XP!


Agreed! The competition element is good and motivating for some people, but it should be optional. We should have the ability to at least hide it in Settings.


i agree, they should be optinal, because so many people cheat, and duolingo, can you add a report function


I've managed to get about 900 XP a week, and I look up and see like 5,000 and I'm like :0...my hard work too and I end up in like 7th


I felt as if clubs were a good thing it stoped you from spaming in the forums and it you could meet very nice people


I agree with you completely. Clubs encourage community, encouragement and support, while leagues encourage competition, isolation and stress. This can completely crush a person's confidence when they see they've dropped in the leaderboard and might cause them to give up. Of course there are the competitive ones, but not everyone is. Maybe if there was a choice for learners to enter a competition-like league?


I also miss Club and those little daily challenges which were the great way to actually apply our target language in different situations..Duolingo should bring them back somehow


I was an admin of a club, and was quite disappointed to see Clubs gone. Fortunately though, they didn't just changed it out of the blue like they do with some features, but they announced it earlier. I got to keep contact with some members on another platform, and we're still in contact today, which is nice.

I really doubt Clubs are coming back though. The forums were full of posts regarding Clubs when their removal was announced, but nothing was done about it.


I wish that they still had clubs too...


I myself have never heard of the clubs. Can't imagine why I haven't. But they seem like a good idea.


They were great! You could share progress with your friends, and they’d be notified when you practiced, and then you could comment on each other’s achievements, all easily within the app. Wish they'd bring them back.


Good idea. I may look into that. Nice picture, btw. It's good to see smiling faces amidst this time. :)

Have a blessed day.


just started duolingo and that sounds amazing, especially when it's hard to connect now

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Yes, I made some friends from Latin America and then lost contact. There was this sweet old lady from Mexico, we used to chat almost daily, now the only way we can communicate is when one of us bumps in a comment left by the other one in the comment section of exercises.


They'd definitely bring back the old forum and clubs if there were no trolls, no bullies or spammers, and no groomers. Sadly those are the people who put paid to what we'd rather like to have back. Duo had to think about security for very young members and other more vulnerable people. Certainly miss our club.


I agree, its incredibly sad. It sounds like it was a wonderful feature.

"And that's why we can't have anything nice . . . "

However, I don't know Latin, but I have a book that contains the following quote from Macrobius: "leges bonae es malis moribus procreantur" -- "Good laws are produced by bad morals." We may not like the results here, but the elimination of the feature is good if it prevents evil.


I have never experienced clubs but it sounds like a lot of fun.


I have never heard of clubs could someone explain this to the rest of us?

I used to use duolingo competitively and try to get top 3 every ladder (until it got harder as you go into higher ladders) but i realised if I just took my time to actually absorb the information i.e. instead of just repeating the pronunciation like it requires you then translate the meaning in your head.

You can't do this when your speeding through lessons to get the "time bonus". So i now I disregard the ladder, try and achieve my daily goal and spend the rest of the time writing down new words.

It defeats the purpose of having the ladder when you can just time bonus through material you've already learnt, effectively cheating yourself....

from what I hear clubs seems like a much better alternative. But why not have both?


Thank you for reminding me! This crisis is what made me do more duolingo, not that I had done much to begin with. I certainly do miss clubs. I remember making a club with a few of my friends, that was quite fun. I certainly hope that Duolingo will revamp them for use in the near future. Also, do you remember the old format, where the landmarks were on the languages instead of the flags, they were changed as well, due to the cultural biases created by putting them there. Always happy to speak to fellow long-time members. (I had to create a new account, as I misplaced the password for my previous one.)


i participated in a portuguese club, held by a brazillian guy, who was very active duoling-ist, i.e. he removed all the non participants, all the spammers, and those who weren't using portuguese for conversations.
i really enjoyed that club, and my job there was to introduce brazillian music to the other participants.
when the daily exercise was "write a sentence with the word [...]", i gave the lyrics for a brazillian song that contains that word, with the link to the youtube clip.
they really liked that.
oh, nunez, espero que você leia isto.


Sorry to hear that :/ I think I know how you feel.

Yes. Clubs were replaced by leagues shortly after I had recently discovered them and had started using them. I hate leagues. They are not my thing, one cannot opt out of them, I feel used by them (even if you manage to make them disappear from your sight, your stats are being used in the rat-race) and, although they work well for some, overall I think they encourage toxic competition.

I also miss the clubs.


I agree and I don't like the leagues. Leagues focus too much on winning and not learning and I can't figure out how someone can rack up 12,000 points unless they don't eat or sleep or step away form their computer. it's really discouraging.


Yess! Clubs are so much better then Leagues.


I don’t understand why they just don’t add it to Plus. It seems that would solve a lot of social and financial issues. I would pay for it for fun.


Exactly, make it a paid option with the appropriate warnings for concerned parents.

There are easy simple solutions to make everyone, that can be made happy, happy.

Have a Lingot for your perceptiveness :)


They removed Clubs because they were getting abused by spammers.


If a club was well run, any perceived dangers were minimal. I was an admin of 3 clubs and could spot any potential trouble a mile off.
Also as an admin you could just delete people and block them.
I would say the abuse I have seen on the forum from one person to another - would never happen in any well-supervised club. Everyone was totally respectful - and believe it or not, we made real friends.


instead, the put the leagues, that are being abused by bots.
oh, great!


Never knew that. Thanks, friend. Looks like you got your answer, Lee.


Clubs were amazing, I really took them for granted when they were around. They were way better than the leagues we have now.


i agree, one day they were just gone, and i was pretty bummed out


I sure do. I remember I used to own one on my old account before they were removed.


I miss my club a lot. We actually had a community and encouraged each other, had fun with even some light trash talk between members. We had in-club contests, profile pic themes for the week, lots of stuff with people around the globe. Now when someone follows me I wonder what the point is; you can't communicate with the other people, they might as well be bots. Now only three of us communicate here in the forum. Most my friend's numbers have also gone way down.


It would be nice if they brought it back because it was really helpful when I needed the help, plus I was able to make friends and practice with real time people... BRING IT BACK PLEASE lol


That is so true!! I used Duolingo two years ago, and recently made a new account on here a few months ago. It has changed a lot since then, and some of the updates (like refreshing lessons and practicing speaking) are amazing. But I was very disappointed to see no clubs!! It was very nice to talk and interact with other users, in a different format that wasn't necessarily open to EVERYONE. I definitely miss the clubs, and thank you for posting about this Lee331304! I hope this works in bringing clubs back. Have a LINGOT... :)


Thanks Abigail798962! Hoping this works as well!


yes 100%, the clubs reflected a more collaborative learning style while the leagues put too much focus on competition


I'm always missing clubs...
Forums are the closest we can get to talking to other users, but as many posts get downvoted quickly, they are often unfindable without a link. People have been asking repeatedly here on the forums for the clubs to come back, but to no avail. I feel at this point that for talking to your friends and family in your different language, Skype or some other app must be used, as Duolingo shows no motivation in pleasing the people that use it (or at least, the ones that use it without cheating).


I haven't been here long enough to know about clubs. They sound like exactly what I'm looking for... a place where I can keep up with, and speak to, someone who is at the same level I am. Learning alongside someone is SO much better (I think) than doing this alone. Especially when you get up past the second "castle". I'm in fear of quitting soon. I'm only doing a base lesson everyday (I have two usernames/accounts) for each of my languages(I started another because I reached a boring, discouraging block in my original language). They should at least allow us to exchange email or Facebook info so we can interact with others doing the same thing. Clubs would be excellent!


Stay strong brother! Sometimes we've got to rememberthat even when everyone is gone we've still got ourselves there to be an encouraging voice! Best of luck!


I guess I'm relatively new to Duolingo, even though I have 256 day streak. I never experienced clubs. I enjoy competing and advancing through the leagues, but clubs sound like more fun. I always thought learning, especially a language, shouldn't be about competition. I have convinced all my siblings (who live in different parts of the country) to join and I enjoy watching their progress on my friends list. I have all my siblings on my list, but how do I get all of them on each others lists?


I agree, and I feel like the league system they replaced them with only creates negative feedback for myself. I've gotten up to diamond league before, and it becomes discouraging when you're working really hard and learning a lot, but somehow still in the bottom ten because others use bots/cheats/etc. I found the club dynamic much more encouraging and motivating, not to mention using your target language in a social setting is always helpful.


well if they did do clubs they need to put it online to


WOW! I signed on to Duo today - relationship totally rekindled because of the stay-at-home, and automatically had a craving for those old clubs. I looked to see if anyone was discussing it and BAM! , youre post was right there! Let's get those back. I'll admit the leagues are somewhat motivating but they're missing that awesome social factor which is so conducive for positive encouragement and an enjoyable community atmosphere. I also believe that there is a special connection when people are bettering themselves together - GROWING TOGETHER IS LOVE! I'm behind you Lee331304. I'd really appreciate "DOING THE DUO" with a club.


I’m with you too, missing those Clubs now more than ever — like you said, let’s get those back! (Hoping someone at Duolingo sees all these comments and considers reintroducing Clubs, at least while many of us are all still stuck at home social distancing.)


Yes! I loved Clubs! Duo please bring them back!!


I have a fantastic club but Duolingo took it away from me. They were not earning money from it so it got the ax. And so I stopped using their app.


Surely, clubs are better than the leagues, because into the clubs was possible the members to communicate each other, and now it's not possible to do it. I had 2 clubs......


wow, I didn't even know there was such things as clubs on duo.I have always felt like you can't really talk to people on duo because anything you say, anyone can see.too bad I missed out on clubs :(


When did duolingo take clubs off?


I think it was in May of last year.


I am pretty bummed about that. I wish that they would put them back


I'm missing clubs.


Yes, I miss clubs a lot. I don't care for this new leader board thing.


I just started using Duolingo again too since I'm at home like most people these days and I was also disappointed to see that there are no clubs anymore. I especially liked the bots that had different topics of conversation to practice speaking. I understand the reasons others have mentioned though for clubs being gone. You can still keep track of friends' XP though, so perhaps that can still serve as a competitive factor if that's what people enjoy. I was pretty bummed when I first noticed though :(. Oh well. It's still a great way to occupy our time by learning a language! :)


Yes, I miss Clubs, especially now.


Totally agree!


Couldn't miss anything more


Im missing clubs too


So many people miss the clubs, but strangely, when they existed I have never find an active club and everybody was complaining that they were inactive...

They were a great idea, but I understand why Duolingo stopped them.


Simple fix... make a notification that auto-marks clubs inactive if nobody has commented in a couple weeks or so...


99% of them would have been marked inactive so. Plus, we were put randomly on clubs, we couldn't choose, unless someone made a club and pass the code somewhere.


No, you are randomly put in a new league every week. Clubs were created randomly but you can stay in them as long as you wanted to.


Again not that big of an issue... As I mentioned in another post, if clubs were a low cost extra feature, inactive clubs would be a more minimal issue, and it would also largely reduce the child safety issues. It would leave parents as the responsible party, and give people that really wanted it the option to get it.

I agree, let people choose and build their clubs as they see fit.


I was not with Duolingo when there were clubs but this sounds like an awesome idea! I read in some forums that people use Discord or other ways to have a club like function?

During this time of social isolation I have been trying to find meaningful ways, and a variety of ways, to connect with family, friends, and others that have the same interests as me. Human connection is important!

To be able to connect on learning a language and to be able to practice together would be ideal for not only this situation, but also for general language learning. I would love to see Clubs again here on Duolingo or something similar!


no more clubs. :c :( :-c :-( :< :-< :,( :'( :,-( :,-<


Just make clubs a low cost feature. Doing so would allow parents to just not get it for their kids, and allow people that do want it to have access to it. Leave a warning for parents of the potential dangers to letting them use it.

It's not the company's responsibility be the moderator for parents. Give warnings and leave the responsibility in the hands of the parents to manage and protect their children.

I just produced a good solution. Duolingo would be wise to consider my proposition.


I agree. I got duolingo last summer so I never had it when clubs was a thing but I think it is a great idea. Even if you could only talk to your friends/followers or the people in your level. It would be a great way to get help and connect with other people. I hope they bring it back!


I used to run both a Spanish and a French club… I miss the clubs… More than anything I’d like to have a function that I can communicate with others on the app. Especially those learning the same languages so that we could practice in the Learned language together.


Yes, most of us miss clubs. They were very nice.


Yeah, I have to call on zoom with my guitar teacher! I really miss seeing my friends there and not just on a facetime.


I just had a Zoom meeting that substituted for my Monday Coffee group. It was really good. You can see the others' faces, which is really nice. ¡Buenísimo!


I need a Hawaiian Language Club. We would all meet at a local Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant.


You might follow each other in order to follow up in the Friends Table in Duolingo. I've done this for over 2 years, and it really helped us, now more than ever before because of the outbreak.


Are there any third-party sites that might serve a similar function?


I read on some other forums that people had set up similar things on Discord...I commented on it and hope to get a response. But the forum was 10mo old by now...


I'm thinking with all these responses, I should post this question as its own thread.


There is another option of 'friends' I guess. Or set up a classroom?


When I read the title of the thread in the forum page, I thought the discussion would be about the night Clubs that are closed due to the CoronaVirus.

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