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  5. "Ihre Töchter"

"Ihre Töchter"

Translation:Their daughters

May 3, 2013



I can't differentiate Tochter/Töchter and Bruder/Brüder. They sound the same to me.


The DL pronunciation is horrible. Tochter = 'TOCH-ta' and Töchter = 'TERCH-ta'. It's not exactly like that, since German has different sounds than English, but it's close. Also the difference between u and ü is simply that the ü slides when the u doesn't. Bruder = 'BRU-da' and Brüder = 'BROO-da'.


This helps a lot! Thank you!


If I wanted to write "her daughters" would it be written the same? (Sorry for my English, is not my mother language)


Yes, Ihr/Ihre can mean her or their.


In this case, I guess "ihre" can mean "your" (formal) too. Am I right?


Your (formal) would be "Ihr"/"Ihre" with upper case I even if not start of the sentence, I think. So yes if the sentence starts with Ihr it can mean "Your" (formal) or "Her" or "Their". "ihre" on the other hand is not for your (formal) because of the lower case i.

[deactivated user]

    i wrote your girls ,why wasnt it accepted


    Hay (: I think it would have been: "deine Schwestern" (for singular "you"), or "eure Schwestern" (for plural "you").

    Possessive plural:

    ich -> meine; du -> deine; er -> seine; sie -> ihre; wir -> unsere; ihr -> eure; sie -> ihre / Sie -> Ihre


    Why can't I say 'your sisters'? Ihre can mean your in a formal way can't it?


    Why can't I say 'your sisters'?

    Because Töchter are daughters, not sisters.

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