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Learning languages for a trip

I'm going on a backpacking trip around Europe with my sister and a few of her friends. Until then I am trying to learn as many European languages as I can. I'm trying three right now (Spanish, Italian, and German) but I might try and learn more later on. Wish me luck and I hope you guys have a fun time learning here as well. :)

March 23, 2020



Good luck. I would suggest trying to get one completed rather than spread your efforts. In Europe many people speak many languages, so if you speak one well you have a chance of communicating. If you can only order coffee in multiple languages it might be less useful.

Select the language depending on where you are intending to go. For instance I have met few people in Europe (outside of Spain) that speak Spanish.


Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it. I might just try and focus mainly on Spanish from now on now that you mention it.


Good luck to you.

You can do it !


what about covid 19


I think it's a nice idea to make plans for when times get better again. ;)


It takes a few years to learn a language. In a couple of years this should have all blown over (assuming there are any airlines left that haven't gone bankrupt).


We are actually planning to do this after everything gets back to normal again. I appreciate the concern though. :)


good luck and i hope you have fun!


Thank you, I'll try my best!


Good luck! I can speak a little Spansih with you if it would help you! I got the chance to speak a little Spanish on my trip to Mexico last year, and I even made a Spanish friend! I hope you have a great trip, it sounds fun!


Thank you! I'll keep that in mind. :)


No matter how bad I love duolingo, maybe you could go for another app that would be more adapted to what you want to achieve?

Considering the number of languages you want to learn, maybe you should go on something like Busuu, where you can put the objective you want to achieve (traveling, know how to order in restaurants and ask for directions, etc.) so they will teach you useful phrases first.

I would suggest you check it out, because i dont know how the italian and german courses are in here but for the spanish one, it will be too long before you see actual functional sentences.

Good luck tho!


nothing on duo is too long, i mean you need to get the basics out in your mind and sunk in beofre moving on and that is what duo is doing basicaly so it doesnt take a long time it just takes a lot of practice being a language teacher i would know


Thank you, I'll look into that as well. I have noticed that indeed different websites focus on different things so might be a good idea to try something new. I appreciate it :)


Good wishes. What European languages to be exact?


Thank you. I'm learning Spanish, Italian, and German right now (although I am mainly focusing on Spanish). But we were thinking of focusing the trip mainly in the Mediterranean region.


I agree with Judit, concentrate on one to begin with. Language learning properly isn't easy. You are only at the very beginning of your language journey at the moment. You have a long way to go, but don't give up. Keep at it. Have a lingot to encourage you.

Do get yourself some phrase books (although they aren't good at explaining how to accurately pronounce words). You can at least point to phrases. Even although some on these boards disparage them (have they ever travelled far?), I have found them useful when you aren't staying long in a location. You will find that all major tourist spots in Europe have people, menues etc in English.

Spanish is probably the easiest of your languages, although German is widely spread in Europe. Good luck.

You certainly won't be able to travel for a while with Covid-19. But do prepare for the future.


I appreciate the advice. I have seen Judit's comment and I have decided to focus mainly on Spanish. I also appreciate your concern over Covid-19 and we have decided to take this trip after things get back to normal again. Thank you


I think your language choices are great and will be a lot of fun to learn. I hope you get to take your trip and have an amazing time! Good luck! :)


May be you should postpone the trip for a while with all this virus thing is raging on in Europe. Safety first.


Thank you I appreciate the concern. Our plans were actually to wait for things to get back to normal before we continue with our plans.


Glad to hear that. Europe is not going anywhere, and I am sure this crisis would be over soon or latter like many others before it. I have a fried who had her heart set on her European vacation for months, but she also had to postponed the trip.


My advice is to go old school when you are out and about in another country.

Do not use a smart phone (for checking directions, getting information, telling time). Instead, approach and engage with people to get needed information - the best way to use your new language in authentic situations, and a good way to meet people and even make friends.


Great idea! Talking to other people would be a great way to practice my skills and maybe even learn new ones.


That sounds really interesting; this is the exact sort of trip I'd hope to take someday. I'm curious- do you plan to learn French, or are you not travelling in any places where you'd need that? And good luck with Italian; that's another language that's on my bucket list. France, Italy, Greece, and Finland also are all countries I'd love to travel to, and so the languages of those countries are ones I intend to learn eventually.


Yes we were actually planning to focus the trip mainly in the Mediterranean region. French would be another good language to study but I am trying to first focus to get good in the languages I am learning now and then continue to next ones.


That's a smart idea- at least for me there'd be a lot of difficulty in learning several languages at once, especially these ones as there's some similarities among them I believe. Good luck, and have a nice trip.


Sounds like an excellent language adventure. I'd suggest when things are safe, to go out into your community to find opportunities to practice your language. Restaurants, markets, churches, temples, etc. And grab a few pocket phrasebooks like the Lonely Planet series. Their website has lots of travel trips: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/


Thank you! I'll look into that :)


"I was backpacking across Western Europe"


Sounds nice. What countries did you travel too? And did you have fun?


Maybe you could also give me tips on where to go and what tings to see.

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