I'm not sure where I was supposed to put this post, so I will put it here unless otherwise advised.

I was wondering, when you are looking on your duome page, how can you see if (and when) you did stories?

I really don't know how to work Duome really. So, I would appreciate some help!


March 23, 2020


The "raw" data button will show you when a particular amount of Experience Points (XP) were earned. You can see if XP must have come from something other than a lesson if the XP value is too high for a lesson, even with bonus points.

But it doesn't show you which story was read when, just as it doesn't show which skill lesson was just completed to earn XP.

I just checked my Spanish stories: I had completed them all once before some more were added. Then I did some of the new ones, and they are showing up yellow-gold. There are others in one set that are showing up in full color, and all the rest that come after that uncompleted set are showing up gray, because I can't even open them up without doing the missing piece of the puzzle first.

I don't think it'll tell you when you did your stories. Normally they would turn a different color like a yellow color. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply, Namjoons_GF! The color changes on the stories should help most people, especially the ones going through the stories the first time, to remember where they left off.

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