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  5. "Where is my money?"

"Where is my money?"

Translation:Càit a bheil an t-airgead agam?

March 23, 2020



Airgead is like French argent, where silver also means money?


Yes, and they’re related, French word comes from Latin argentum, Scottish one from Proto-Celtic *argantom, both from Proto-Indo-European *h₂rǵntóm ‘silver, shiny metal’.


Also the only reason I ever remember that Ag is the chemical symbol for silver :)


When do you use càite vs càit?


They’re two spelling of the same words, càite a is older, càit a is newer and more commonly taught nowadays. The Duolingo course originally used càite a initially but is transitioning to càit a. Both forms should be always accepted.

The tips and notes for the Home skill (you can find them in the web version of Duolingo and on the duome website) have this paragraph explaining it:

Càite a bheil?


The Gaelic Orthographic Conventions document (not a page turner) recommends this now be written as Càit a bheil. This is pronounced the same and both spellings are frequently seen, although the one we have used is more retro. We will probably update this in the next iteration of the course.


I was marked correct for Cait a bheil m' airgead.

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