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Child's account missing Privacy / Make Profile Public option ?

Following on from this post.


We have decided that each kid should set up an account and then follow each other so they can see each other's progress.

We have determined we need to make profiles public in order for kids to follow each other.

However some people appear to have account configured without a Privacy option, hence they can't make profiles public / be followed.

Is this a particular Duo option for a child ? Trying to resolve this over a Whatsapp group with a group of parents who haven't used Duo before.

If so is there a way to resolve this and make these accounts "full" accounts ? Or do I have to approach this a different way and make a classroom for all these kids ?

Goal here is to simply have a way that kids can see how each other are doing.


March 24, 2020



Users who have indicated they are below the age of 13 do not have access to certain 'social features', such as the ability to follow and be followed.


Do you know if there's a way to undo that setting on an account that has been created that way?


Are you saying that you haven't made a classroom yet, justinworr? Atervando is right that really young students won't be able to follow each other. I suppose a workaround is for you to create a classroom, and then create your own leaderboard that you then post to your Whatsapp group. Duo will send you a weekly update e-mail once you have a class that will make this easier, or you can just make sure that you create an XP (points) assignment so that it is easy to see all your kids at a glance (as opposed to clicking on each of their individual icons.)

Post more questions as you have them; we are all in this together.


Classrooms don't allow kids to see how each other are doing, unfortunately. Bring back clubs


I agree. The students all want to follow each other. Thank you for saying this; I will mention this in the Educator's Forum.


Clubs were also age-restricted.

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