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  5. "Tha Iain duilich."

"Tha Iain duilich."

Translation:Iain is sorry.

March 24, 2020



Can someone explain the rule for when to use "duilth" and when to use "duilich". They both seem to mean sorry, but I'm not sure when to use the different spelling?


Hi, Julie. I cannot find “duilth” (or even “duilith”) in any of my Gaidhlig dictionaries let alone as a synonym for “duilich”. Can you remember where you saw it.


I think it was in level three of the Pers. Det. Before you get to the castle at level one, if that make sense. I was working on leveling up some of the beginning exercises.


Hey, duilth isn't a word, in Gaelic or on the course. Duilich is the word you'd use :)


Brònach mean sad . Duilich also means sad . Can I use both of them? Do they have difference?

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