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assignments list

Hi, I need a list of assignments for my Spanish 1 class, is it available some where? I was counting and there are some 150, they keep adding.

March 24, 2020



Jorma, when you go to Duolingo for Schools and click on one of your classrooms, there will be a list on the side. One button will be "assignments," but the button right underneath that will be "curriculum." Just click on that for a list. You can also assign directly from there as you are looking at when each skill is introduced.

Hope this helps! Keep posting questions. We are all in this together.


Thanks. I decided to type all 159 skills in MS Words and would like to upload the doc somewhere, don't know how to do it. We can't attach anything or insert any doc in the posts


Hello Jorma,

I also notice you teach Spanish, as noted on your Duolingo BIO.

Have you checked out : https://schools.duolingo.com/ ?

It may be of interest to you, and it can also connect you to anther resource of a community of Educators that Duolingo assists in connecting. This group shares resources, such as you have created, and also talks about other issues to assist Educators.

There is also another community, a separate community of volunteers, that are creating additional resources for material produced by Duolingo.

They are responsible for the extensive work of Learn Through Stories (LTS) initiative. Which are covering all the stories produced by Duolingo, and seeking to keep up to date with constant changes and release of new material by Duolingo.

as a heads up, they have an exciting new release expected to start rolling out in this next week, to update all the over 1,000 current released stories. They are very busy elves.

I will be in contact with you about this team, and you may like to consider joining them. They would also have other ways to assist in sharing that MS Words document. And perhaps also be able to point out updates that are constantly rolling out by Duolingo.

Thank you for the resources you create and share to assist with learning languages.


Hold tight. I will find someone who likes to do this sort of thing / understands how to do it.


Jorma, would you like to have a look at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37470632 and help this fellow teacher? I am thinking that for the moment, you might consider making a (very long) forum post.

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