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Getting into duolingo classroom

i need help trying to get into my chinese class on duolingo plz help!

March 24, 2020



You should ask your teacher for a link or the classroom code. Your extended user profile indicates you're currently in a classroom. As a student, you cannot see the classroom interface – that's for teachers only. You will see assignments in the 'Learn' tab, if there are any. Besides that, the website should look the same for you as for someone who is not in a classroom.


If you are already linked, as Atervanda says, then there is nothing you need to do other than type in www.duolingo.com and do your lesson for today. So have fun and don't stress. :) Keep up your hard work!


You can join classrooms here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/schools

Ask our teacher for the classroom code.

Have you joined the wrong classroom?


The "Educators" is reserved for teachers (educators with the green circle on their avatar) and staff:


Pupils / students shall not post here.

If you have technical problems you can post in Troubleshooting(English).

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