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just a few thoughts

it's so interesting how you can learn all these languages. i look around me at school (well, when it was still open) and i get disheartened at the lack of academic, say, curiousness. but then i come on here and everyone's so supportive and working hard at learning things they don't even have to! it's inspiring. :)

March 24, 2020



and working hard at learning things they don't even have to

I think the "having to" or not makes a big difference in the motivation


That's because people are here by choice. They are under no pressure, so they can enjoy the process of learning and can branch out however they choose.

Sadly for many, school lessons are simply things to be endured, and anything which seems unlikely to be immediately useful towards passing exams, or just getting through the day, can be seen as a waste of time and brain-energy.


Thanks for such a well-written postive post. I enjoyed reading it and sending you lingots. Enjoy your learning.


Thanks for this post!


I agree. Being self motivated is the key.

And being supported by others is encouraging.


When I was in school, I took French for a few years. I never really paid attention because the classes were always boring and never really captured my mind. Today, however, I'm obsessed with the thought of being able to think in a language that is not english. I've been listening to french music, using duolingo and busuu, and watching movies in french. It's very hard, but the fact that there are so many supportive people is comforting and inspiring.

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