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"Eadar mo chluas agus mo chluas eile."

Translation:Between my ear and my other ear.

March 24, 2020



In my case, you won't find anything there.


I found this sentence fascinating and wondered if it is a Gàidhlig expression.


I love how this sentence sounds; poetic and beautiful :)


That is true, after all. Still I would be curious what it means and whether it is an idiomatic expression.


To me it translates as, ¨Between my ears¨. It is clumsy to use the literal transation of the Gaelic as the only correct answer.


'Between my ears' is "Eadar mo chluasan" though. That is too far away from the meaning of the sentence to be accepted.


This sentence does not make any sense to me at all. What does it mean? It sounds like an idiom? What is it meant to express? I am clueless.


i think sometimes sentences that you may never use in real life are still used for learning the words themselves and how to use them. it might be simple to memorize useful phrases but if a really weird sentence stikes you as odd you may be more likely to remember the actual pieces of the word, and by consequence, the words and rules surdounding them. idk if that makes sense. but not all duolingo sentences need to necessarily "make sense". language is like that, you can make up a bunch of random weird stuff but the grammar rules are still applying to the language when you say things like my horse just turned purple or the thing between space and the space between my teeth. i just made those things up they dont really "make sense" but they illustrate the language english. i hope i made sense lol. also, i've noticed some other comments saying this sounds poetic, and sure, "between my ears" is logical and normal but if you Were to put that into a poem, you might "play around" with the language and get this sentence instead. i like that about language, sometimes sentences that seem to mean the same thing as a logical, straight forward sentence give off something extra just because of the way they are said.


This made me laugh for some reason lol

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