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Checking students' skill trees?

Hi all,

I discovered today that, when assigning students to level up in a certain skill, the skill isn't marked as completed for students if they take a test to skip to the next level without having to go through each individual lesson. When they take a test to skip to the next level, I can see on their activity log that they took a test, but not in which skill they took a test. Is there a way (without asking students to email me screenshots of their skill trees) for me to check what a particular student's skill tree looks like?

Thanks in advance!

March 24, 2020



That's possible in their personal progress page in third party website Duome

For example, your personal webpages in Duome:

How to recognize "test to skip to the next level"

  • tap the "RAW" button
  • "20XP" is most likely a skip to the next Crown level.

Or check it in your classroom

On the bottom of every Duome webpage you will find links to background information, e.g.


Thanks for pointing this out, PatrickAll! I had never noticed.

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