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  5. "Meal do naidheachd Oighrig."

"Meal do naidheachd Oighrig."

Translation:Congratulations Effie.

March 24, 2020



How does Effie become Oighrig?


OK - wanting to learn here..... The expression meal do naidheachd seemed a little long to represent one wors - "congratulations", so I went off looking. naidheachd seems to mean "news" Do seems to mean "your" and, after a search on "lexilogos" the word meal seems to mean "Enjoy" All together, this would seem to make a sensible phrase - "Enjoy your news". This would seem to represent the concept of "Congratulations" well, I think. Would this be a correct literal translation? If so, could we make it an acceptable answer? Many thanks Peter


That's exactly what is written in the tips for this lesson. I advice you to supplement the phone-app with the web-version


I was expecting to see the name Eric here

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