There seem to be 25 levels. At the moment there is one progress bar showing the number of points you need to reach the next level. I suggest to add a second progress bar showing the number of points you need to reach the unreachable: level 25.

So long.

August 6, 2012


To the causal user, this would be a bad feature. Since it would burden them with 'yet another' lack.

But for people like you, at level 11. You still haven't finished the rest of the layout/framework of German. Don't worry yourself with too big of goals. Finish what you can. It's all about incremental change. Rome wasn't built in a day. :)

So, if Leoboon is #1; you are ~6.1% of the way there.

I believe Level 25 is at 36,000 Skill Points.

Hi hei_matau,

Thanks for your reaction! I don't worry myself, I just would like to know how long the road is. For me it is motivating to be able to see what is ahead, rather than just going on 'blindly'. Maybe this feature with the possibility to switch it off if it makes you stress? :)

If you really want to know, compare yourself with #1

Basically, you are 10% of the way there. But by the time you reach that, it could grow more. :)

And here is #2 (level 23 currently)

Hmm, I just realized you are learning German. I'm sure the points will be similar but the #1 and #2 in the system are doing Spanish. I'm sure to be #1 on Duolingo, in German, might be level 20 or so. :)

That is, if that's your end goal. ;)

Thanks a lot, I will try to find #1 in German to see how many points he/she has :)

I'm bored. How about a playful race?

To the first who finds the #1 in German. Beer? :)

the challenge is on... :)

This person's native language is German. But still a level one

The guy who founded this is level 8

Woah. This guy has to be #1 for German

I had a shot of vodka to celebrate. Gluten in beer is bad for me. :)

Good luck man!

You are fast! Thanks!

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